Military Order of the Purple Heart

Military Order of the Purple Heart

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is a Congressionally chartered organization for wounded combat veterans who have received a Purple Heart for their military service. The organization, which currently has a membership of around 45,300 veterans, is based outside Washington, D.C.

Who is the Military Order of the Purple Heart?

The Purple Heart is a Department of Defense medal given to combat-wounded military men and women or servicemembers wounded during an act of international terrorism. The Purple Heart Auxiliary offers support to Purple Heart recipients’ families and valuable services to veterans’ hospitals across the country.

Though membership is restricted to combat-wounded, MOPH provides support to all veterans.  The organization hosts a wide range of activities at local levels across the country. They seek to bring awareness to a variety of veterans’ issues and show pride for the service of the men and women in the organization.

MOPH Service Programs

The Service Program supports veterans in a myriad of ways with more than 70 offices across the countries. They are staffed with more than 100 trained service officers as well as assistants. As the largest program within MOPH, it has an annual operating budget of approximately $9 million.

National Legislative Program

Through this program, members of MOPH listen to veterans’ needs and attempt to influence legislation at the federal level that affects veterans. As a group, they continually seek to support and make a difference in laws that impact veterans, their families and survivors. Some examples of the way the program does this is by writing letters in support or opposition of current issues, providing Congressional testimony or building and maintaining relationships with members of Congress and their staff members.

Veterans Advocacy Program

MOPH is dedicated to serving veterans. Their membership is restricted to combat-wounded men and women, but they support and advocate for all veterans. The current agenda for the Advocacy Program includes continually evaluating the needs of its members and communicating information that is relevant to address their needs and support them.

Suicide Awareness 

Suicide has become an epidemic among veterans and active-duty servicemembers. Approximately 22 current or  former members of the military commit suicide every single day. In response to this, a national officer was appointed for the Suicide Awareness Program of MOPH in 2016. It was the first National Service Organization to create a suicide awareness program and to name a national officer to support its efforts.


A key objective of the MOPH youth programs is to foster patriotism and good citizenship among the youth of America. The United States and Department of Defense Dependent Schools recognize cadets and midshipmen for their leadership through the senior and junior Reserve Officer Training Cadet (ROTC) programs.

The Badge of Merit 1782 award recognizes outstanding leadership in non-ROTC/JROTC youth programs, such as the Young Marines, Civil Air Patrol, Naval Sea Cadets, Boy and Girl Scouts, and Pre-JROTC Mid-School Programs.

Software Development Training Program

In addition to the software development training program provided by Redding Software Corporation, the organization selects 15 members for training/internship each year. Most employers prefer to hire programmers with at least one year of experience, so most internships last one year.

First, interns are taught HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python and SQL. When the interns learn a new programming language, they update the website they create on their own with their new skills. At the finale of the internship, MOPH will host a virtual job fair. They will invite some of the top software development companies to attend, and MOPH will help with resume writing and the job application process.


Throughout the VA healthcare system, MOPHt runs VAVS programs. Volunteers contribute to veterans’ direct and indirect care, treatment and welfare by providing essential personnel, equipment, facilities and programs. Military Order of the Purple Heart VAVS volunteers participate in the VA’s program and are an invaluable resource for other veterans and their families.


Americanism Program works with schools and other organizations to promote the history of the United States and its quest for freedom. The National Americanism officer administers it.

Scholarship Program

Purple Heart recipients, their spouses, children and grandchildren are awarded scholarships each year through the scholarship program provided by MOPH. It is a competitive program

The scholarship committee evaluates all applications and meets the eligibility requirements.

A Purple Heart Scholarship is endorsed both by the student and the school. As a result, the college or university may control how the funds are utilized, affecting the student’s financial benefit.

How Do I Contact the Military Order of the Purple Heart?



SPRINGFIELD, VA 22151-3960




National SVC Director

Paco Elizalde

(303) 748-3888

What Does MOPH Offer? 

The MOPH offers education and employment opportunities and programs that promote the mental health and overall well-being of the men and women who have served our nation.

As the military’s official order, the Purple Heart is dedicated to fostering goodwill, camaraderie, and patriotism among combat wounded veterans, supporting necessary legislative initiatives, and providing service to all veterans and their families.

Annual National Convention

The MOPH holds its National Convention every year. During this annual event, commanders and delegates of the order’s regions, departments, chapters and units from all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Trust Territory of Guam meet to elect the National Leadership of the Order for the upcoming year.

The meeting agenda includes:

  • Training sessions.
  • Reviewing the past year’s activities.
  • Adopting new governing amendments and by-law changes.
  • Establishing a plan for the following year.

The Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center was the venue for the 2021 National Convention from August 2-4. The event is always a great way to develop camaraderie among its members.

Monthly Purple Heart Magazine

A bi-monthly magazine is also offered by MOPH. Puerto Rican veterans receive disaster relief from MOPH. The purpose of the magazine is to provide information from the leaders to its members as well as informative, compelling stories.

The magazine often features stories about individual servicemembers of all ages and backgrounds, special events that are of interest to its members, and even tips on anything from photography to flag etiquette. The magazine also has ad space for members or businesses to run advertisements in order to raise more funds for the organization.

Donate to MOPH

Through your monthly donation to the MOPH Legacy Program, you help MOPH provide much-needed programs to combat wounded veterans and their families worldwide. The MOPH offers education and employment opportunities for the men and women who have given their lives trying to keep this country free; they also offer programs designed to benefit their mental health and overall well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Are The Steps To Join The MOPH?

An honorable/general discharge or active duty status is required. Documentation must be submitted along with a signed application to validate the award.

What Should I Do If My Membership Card Is Lost Or Damaged?

If you are unsure of your membership number, please include your full name, address, and MOPH Attn: Supply address. Alternatively, you may order it online using your membership login.

What is the process for applying for the Purple Heart Award?

The Military Order of the Purple Heart is an organization for combat-wounded veterans who already hold a Purple Heart award. This organization does not award the Purple Heart.

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