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Promoting veteran-owned businesses

Veterans who start their own businesses face not only the difficulties associated with being a veteran, but also those which come along with being a small business owner. Each of these is challenging enough on their own, and when combined it puts them at a considerable disadvantage. At the same time, running a successful business helps overcome many of the difficulties veterans face, and empowers them to take control of their lives.

As part of our mission to empower and support veterans, one of the projects Veterans Anonymous is working on is to compile and publish an up-to-date database of businesses owned by veterans, so that people who wish to support veterans can find local veteran-owned businesses to patronize.

0.45 million
Veteran-owned American businesses
of all American businesses
0.79 million
Employees of veteran-owned businesses
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What better way to help veterans than by buying from their businesses? Veterans Anonymous is working to ensure that people can find local veteran-owned businesses, and we’re doing it without charging veterans a penny.
Tony Cuscuna •Director of Marketing

Supporting Veteran-Owned Businesses

One of the best ways to support veterans is to shop at veteran-owned businesses. It is difficult to overstate the economic, social, and psychological benefits for veterans to be able to support themselves through their own businesses. However, it’s not easy for those who wish to support veterans to find local businesses owned by veterans, and Veterans Anonymous is working to address this by creating and maintaining a database of veteran-owned businesses nationwide.

Your support helps us build, maintain, and publicize this database at no cost to veterans.


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Together, we are building a connected, streamlined platform of services so that every single person who has been in the military can connect to all the support they need. We envision a one-click future for our vets. Because we owe it to them to make the transition simpler. Easy access to benefits. Easy access to mental health support. Easy access for job training, loans, and other financial needs. But most important - easy access to a place that cares about them.

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