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Non-profit database

While there are many non-profits devoted to assisting veterans, not all of them use their donations efficiently to help veterans. Since the resources available to help veterans is already insufficient to provide all of the assistance veterans need, it is of paramount importance that donors be able to give with confidence that their donation will be used wisely. Unfortunately, while there are organizations devoted to providing information on transparency, this information is not always complete and often doesn’t reach donors, resulting in inefficient use of funds.

As part of the mission of Veterans Anonymous, we are therefore working to build a database of veterans’ non-profits, along with up-to-date information on how much of their revenue goes to helping veterans, to help donors find causes to donate to, and to make wise decisions regarding their charitable giving.

Veterans’ Non-Profits
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As a longtime hacktivist, transparency is a matter I take very seriously. When we started Veterans Anonymous, it was important to me that we make it easier for donors to contribute to worthy, efficiently-run veterans’ causes. This database is the first piece of that.
Gregg Housh • President

Ensuring Accountability

Donating to veterans’ causes is laudable, but it isn’t really helping veterans if that money isn’t being spent effectively. Veterans Anonymous is committed to helping to making the most of the limited resources available, so we’re building a database of information on veterans’ non-profits to help donors find worthy causes and ensure their money is being spent effectively.

Your support provides us with the resources needed to compile this information, keep it up-to-date, and spread the word.


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Together, we are building a connected, streamlined platform of services so that every single person who has been in the military can connect to all the support they need. We envision a one-click future for our vets. Because we owe it to them to make the transition simpler. Easy access to benefits. Easy access to mental health support. Easy access for job training, loans, and other financial needs. But most important - easy access to a place that cares about them.

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