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Veterans’ benefits and services

There are many resources which exist to help veterans, including both benefits given to veterans by the government, and nonprofits which work to serve veterans. However, these resources are often difficult for veterans to access, either because they aren’t aware of their existence, or because it is difficult to understand how to get assistance from those organizations. Veterans Anonymous is working to remove this barrier between veterans and the support they need and deserve.

One of our most crucial projects at Veterans Anonymous is to compile information on the programs available to veterans, and provide this information in a manner which clearly lays out what is needed to access these resources.

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It is a travesty that existing resources for veterans are so difficult for veterans to access: here at Veterans Anonymous, we are working to change this by helping veterans access the resources which have been devoted to helping them.
David Lindsey • Director

Time to Give Back

Veterans are those who put their lives on the line, and did so not only to protect others, but to protect the values our country stands for. It is not enough to simply acknowledge their service, especially when millions of veterans are struggling and in need of assistance.

With your support, Veterans Anonymous is working to connect veterans with the resources which exist to help them, along with our other projects intended to serve those who have given so much.


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Together, we are building a connected, streamlined platform of services so that every single person who has been in the military can connect to all the support they need. We envision a one-click future for our vets. Because we owe it to them to make the transition simpler. Easy access to benefits. Easy access to mental health support. Easy access for job training, loans, and other financial needs. But most important - easy access to a place that cares about them.

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