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Veterans often face a nearly unique set of challenges as a result of their service, and these challenges can be difficult to discuss with those who have not had a similar background. These challenges range from issues like how to reintegrate into civil society; to dealing with medical issues arising from their service; to learning about how to find and take advantage of the resources available to veterans. Having a community of fellow veterans with which to discuss their issues, experiences and perspectives is invaluable for dealing with these – and other – challenges.

However, despite the presence of a variety of veterans’ organizations which can help provide such a community, many veterans aren’t able to find a supportive community which meets their needs. As part of our mission to provide support to veterans, Veterans Anonymous is creating an online community for veterans, to ensure that all veterans have a community to provide them with a social support network which can help them deal with the challenges and questions they face.

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A community of people with similar backgrounds and experiences is one of the best tools for helping veterans work to solve their problems, and Veterans Anonymous is working to make sure all veterans have a community they can rely upon.

David Lindsey • Director

A Space For Veterans

Providing a community where veterans can interact with each other is an important piece of ensuring veterans have the resources they both need and deserve. To this end, Veterans Anonymous is developing a community platform dedicated to veterans and the topics that matter to them.

Your support will help us not only complete this platform, sustain it and continue to make improvements based on the feedback of veterans, as well as ensuring that we’re able to reach as many veterans as possible.


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Together, we are building a connected, streamlined platform of services so that every single person who has been in the military can connect to all the support they need. We envision a one-click future for our vets. Because we owe it to them to make the transition simpler. Easy access to benefits. Easy access to mental health support. Easy access for job training, loans, and other financial needs. But most important - easy access to a place that cares about them.

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