Programs Under VA Disability Benefits – Compensation And Pension

Programs Under VA Disability Benefits – Compensation And Pension

The US Department of Veterans Affairs offers VA disability benefits under two programs- Disability Compensation and Non-Service Connected Pension/Improved Pension.

VA Disability Compensation

This program is for those Veterans who have disabilities/ailments that arose due to service. They cover every physical and mental aspect. So, if you have a bump on your knee or are still suffering from any trauma, then you must apply for this program. It doesn’t matter how small the condition is, if it is related to your service, the VA is always available to help. Moreover, this program assists applicants regardless of age, income and service type.

Non-Service Connected Pension

A Veteran with less income and suffering from a severe disability is eligible to reap the benefits of this program. The benefit provides pension to Veterans who are suffering from a disability that arose after they left the service. However, a Veteran must prove that he/she served during a federally recognized period.

Who Provides These VA Benefits?

Like the US Department of Defense, the VA is also divided into different branches to assist Veterans in different ways.

VA disability benefits are provided by the Veterans Health Administration(VHA) and Veterans Benefits Administration(VBA).

While the VBA processes applications for disability benefits, VHA assists qualified Veterans with healthcare.

Different Levels Of Disability

In the case of Disability Compensation, the VA has set different levels of disability that range from 0% to 100% and helps the department decide what VA disability benefits to provide. A Veteran with 0% disability might suffer from an ailment that is not interfering with daily tasks. However, a Veteran termed as 100% disable might suffer from total disability, which interferes with everyday life. Most of the Veterans under this program are rated as 10%, 20% or 30%.

In the case of Non-Service Connected Pension, there are no levels of disability. This program is open only for applicants suffering from 100% disability.

Note- Applicants can stand eligible for only one of the above-stated VA disability benefits programs. They can not receive compensation and pension at the same time.

More On Va Disability Benefits

  • These benefits are available even if you were not injured in combat. You can receive compensation even if you got in a car accident, were injured during exercise or even sprained your foot while coming back from the washroom in the middle of the night.


  • Most Veterans who receive VA disability benefits compensation can work full-time. There are no regulations regarding this unless you are termed as “unable to work”. However, Veterans who receive Non-Service Connected Pension can work part-time, given their income does not exceed the income cap for the program.
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