President Biden Issued Strict Advisory To Curb Illegal Use Of Guns

Illegal Use Of Guns

President Biden Issued Strict Advisory To Curb Illegal Use Of Guns

To avoid international embarrassment and get rid of America’s gun culture, President Joe Biden announced on Thursday that he will be taking certain measures to control gun violence. According to the source, these new measures will be enacted through an executive order, meaning he won’t need approval from Congress.

Reportedly, these measures will include policies and initiatives to curb gun violence cases like mass shootings, communal violence and suicide by firearms.

However, these measures will be difficult to administer because the right to bear a gun is stated in the second amendment of the constitution and some people might see this as a violation of their rights.

But the number of gun violence cases is on the increase. In fact, after the president declared his intentions for gun control, two new cases were reported. These cases were followed by mass shootings of Boulder, Colorado and Atlanta.

While speaking in the White House Rose Garden on Thursday, the president stated that around 106 people are killed every day because of gun violence in this country. Reporting this issue as an epidemic, he expressed his determination to get rid of it.

While giving his condolences to the families of victims who died in South Carolina, he said that he has given a time period of 30 days to the Justice Department to reduce the number of ghost guns in the nation.

Experts say that over 40% of the guns seized in Los Angeles are ghost guns- guns sold without any serial number, making them hard to trace.

The department was also asked to draft a red flag law that would give courts the power to remove guns from people who threaten the community. Biden also instructed the Justice Department to make new rules for homemade guns and nominated the head of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.



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