Prescription Benefits and Refilling Methods

Prescription Benefits and Refilling Methods

Vets enjoy a lot of services. After all they have earned it. One of the things that vets enjoy is low cost or free prescription. It ensures that the vets receive proper medication and receive all the things that make them feel valued and are valuable for them. If you are being treated by a VA primary care provider, you will get all the compulsory medication for treatment. Few of the veterans will receive their medication absolutely free while others may be charged some copayment. There is a different criterion for all the vets and it depends on service connected disabilities. There are so many ways by which you can refill the prescription.


The most convenient and easy is doing it online. There is a MY HEALTHE VET website that will allow the vets to refill their prescription and view it online. You need to e registered for that purpose. In case you are not already registered, you need to visit the MY HEALTHE VET website. The link is


Users will also be able to refill their prescription through mail orders. Users can request it anytime, the request will be processed and confirmation will be sent to you.


There is a toll free number that can also help you with this purpose. You need to find the number.

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