What do you think of VA’s goal to prevent and end Veteran homelessness in 2023?

What do you think of VA’s goal to prevent and end Veteran homelessness in 2023?

a) The goal is noble and achievable
b) This is a good goal, but it might not be achievable in such a short period of time
c) By 2023, it’s unlikely to be achieved

This year, VA plans to place at least 38,000 homeless Veterans in permanent housing.

Providing housing to more than 40,000 homeless Veterans last year was an important step toward ending Veteran homelessness. Although VA staff celebrated what was described as a “victory for our Veterans, VA and America,” they also wondered, “What’s next? ” There is work to be done as long as even one Veteran doesn’t have a place to call home in the nation they served.

2023 goals

In 2023, the VA will: To continue the crucial mission of preventing and eradicating veteran homelessness in America,

By the end of 2023, VA will ensure that at least 90% have found new housing or are moving in that direction.

Engage with at least 28,000 Veterans who are not currently housed to assist them in securing housing and other support services. The number of unsheltered veterans who will have reached this goal by 2022 will have increased by more than 10%. VA will strive to relocate at least 38,000 Veterans into permanent homes this year, just like in 2022.

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

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