Should the U.S. provide military aid to Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Yemen?

Should the U.S. provide military aid to Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Yemen?

“Should the U.S. provide military aid to Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Yemen?
United States dependency on Saudi oil is known to the masses. The Saudis are also an indispensable ally for counterterrorism. Since 2015, U.S. participation in the Saudi regime’s offensive war in Yemen is being questioned repeatedly.
United Nations report that Yemen could experience the world’s worst famine in 100 years, with 13 million innocent civilians at risk of dying from the lack of food within months. There is a huge pressure on Congress to suspend U.S military aid to Saudi War in Yemen.
Those in favor of the aid continue making a stand that it is a diplomatic liaison and United States is doing everything possible to ensure lower civilian casualties.
What are your thoughts? Should the U.S. provide military aid to Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Yemen?

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  • Should the U.S. provide military aid to Saudi Arabia during its conflict with Yemen?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Can’t Say
  • Robert Franklin Edwards
    Posted at 20:25h, 19 August Reply

    Am I the only vet to say no to this question?

  • Cynthia Wallace
    Posted at 04:27h, 30 July Reply

    Saudi Arabia has supported the U.S.. Engaging in another military action in the Middle East seems futile. The Arab way of life is not the American way of life. They have different values than we do and different ways of resolving conflicts. Since the nomadic tribes came to be, the Arab Nations have battled each other over various issues. Considering the expense, the amount.of lives both civilian and military lost or injured….its not worth it. BUT, other issue to consider is what type of weapons are considered for use in this conflict…nukes and toxins will pollute the world for everyone?Someone has to stop the ability to acquire weapons of mass destruction…because the possibility of use increases with every new conflict in the middle east.

  • Cavscout
    Posted at 15:45h, 06 July Reply

    Always be there to help when needed for military support. We don’t need to give them money when we have our own problems here in the USA. I support everything President Trump is doing for our country but I also think it’s tome for the other countries to handle their own problems.

  • Dean Haggerty
    Posted at 19:54h, 28 May Reply

    Monetary aid NO. Support Yes. They are staunch allies and Yemen is the southern border of SA. Much like Mexico is on our Southern border. Obama and Clinton gave Iran 480 billion dollars and sold them 1/2 of the Uranium stockpile. IRAN is a threat and they have been since the Shaw was forced from office.

  • Julian Wilton
    Posted at 18:13h, 11 April Reply

    Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Israel, are our most reliable important allies in the Middle East, they are the front line soldiers for fighting Islamic hard liners such as IS and Al Qaeda and the expansion of the evil Iran and its allies such the terror groups of Hizb Allah of Lebanon (Party of God) which is a threat to everything decent and all democracies and specialty America, they are terrorist state and set to do harm to us. countries like Saudi Arabia, the UAE are fighting the Iranians terrorist in Yemen and Israel fighting them in Syria and Lebanon and only Israel , USA and Saudi Arabia can stop them from acquiring nuclear armaments.
    They deserve our support, I support President Trump and his policies to stop Iran aggression and their attempts to dominate the Middle East and the threat to us. therefore, for those of you who say no, for whatever lame reason, you are fools, study the facts and the damage those Islamic hard liners and Iran doing to humanity, wake up and look further than your feet, if you can see your feet because of your beer gut. we should support Israel in all matters, UAE and Saudi Arabia in their war in Yemen, because they are fighting evil and saving, a democracy, a country and it is people from rape and servitude.

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