Should social media companies ban political advertising?

Should social media companies ban political advertising?

The growing influence of Social Media over people’s choice has become the central element of growing industries in the market. The advent is such that now Artificial intelligence has started to rule the world in several sectors. In the recent history of politics, we have witnessed the role of social media in influencing public votings.
Proponents believe that fancy political ads spread via social media more or less works in a toxic narcissistic way; therefore social media companies should ban the political ads. Opponents believe that social media channels helps in the better and fair presentation of political profiles. 
What are your thoughts?

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  • Should social media companies ban political advertising?

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  • L. Manning
    Posted at 02:01h, 11 January Reply

    Political Ads should not be banned on FB…HOWEVER, both Parties MUST be allowed to advertise and not be discriminated against, which is what Zuckerberg is doing! He doesn’t want to see or hear the Conservative ads, so he will not allow it. I don’t want to see or hear the Liberal Socialist ads, which I find dishonest, so I quit FB.

    • JCB
      Posted at 19:17h, 02 February Reply

      Spin much?? It’s the lying of the conservative ads that have made this the issue! That is undeniable and world-wide common knowledge.

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