Should Congress Limit the President’s Power to Impose Tariffs Using Economic Emergency Powers?

Should Congress Limit the President’s Power to Impose Tariffs Using Economic Emergency Powers?

Over a period of last few years, the United States witnessed many tariffs were imposed without congress’s involvement by the president. Certainly, some repercussions were being faced by the country. For instance, President Trump tried to impose tariffs against Mexico in May 2019. Removing that authority would keep all presidents, regardless of political party, from hurting American businesses & consumers based on political whims.

Proponents believe that the president’s tariff authority under the International Emergency Economic Powers Act (IEEPA) is overly broad and needs to be limited.

On the contrary, opponents believe that taking this authority away from presidents will weaken future administrations’ ability to set and pursue trade policies that benefit American businesses and workers.

What are your thoughts?

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  • Should Congress Limit the President’s Power to Impose Tariffs Using Economic Emergency Powers?

    • Yes
    • No
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  • Charles Beard
    Posted at 21:19h, 10 February Reply

    This President – absolutely. He needs to be limited in all things by whatever means necessary.

  • L. Manning
    Posted at 03:28h, 11 January Reply

    In my opinion this is a ridiculous question. In NO way, should Congress be involving themselves in imposing tariffs on any Country. Can you imagine the ‘pay-offs’? They are corrupt (both Parties, but granted, if corruption was equivalent to having a College Degree, most Democrats would have Doctorates). There is a reason these corrupt folks go into politics with essentially nothing and end up leaving with millions of dollars in their pockets, unbelievable private retirements and homes to match to say nothing of stocks and options.

    Don’t believe me… look at Nancy Pelosi for crying out loud, she lives in a Mansion in San Francisco, one of the highest priced zip code in the Country. Even Maxine Waters lives in a home I’d love to live in and it’s not even in the District where she’s been elected. One day, ALL AMERICANS are going to see and acknowledge this continual ‘shakedown’ (unless they’re part of it). At least that’s my hope!

    Only the President should be allowed to set Tariffs and if he chooses, garner information from Congress. President Trump has been wise in using Tariffs in keeping other Countries (who could care less about the USA or even have animosity & jealousy towards us) in line. If it can prevent future wars, I’m all for it!

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