Is Blood Really on Biden’s Hands?: Here’s What a Veteran has to say?

Is Blood Really on Biden’s Hands?: Here’s What a Veteran has to say?

Recently, US President Joe Biden faced an uncomfortable situation when an Air Force Veteran confronted him about his role in The Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

According to the Veteran, he represented thousands of service members and innocent civilians killed in Iraq due to American politics.

The man stated, “You enabled the war, and you appreciated the person who enabled the war with you. The blood is in your hands, and you are disqualified from being our future president.”

After patiently listening to his confrontation, Biden stated that this matters a lot to him and said that his son also fought in the Iraq war.

When the Veteran said he was not trying to go after his son, Biden warned him that he better not.

Moreover, once Biden moved away from the Veteran, the Veteran started shouting that Biden was disqualified from being the president and compared him with former president Trump. He stated that Trump is better as he is at least anti-war, unlike Biden.

Do you think Biden is to be blamed for the Iraq and Afghanistan bloodshed?

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