Is American Democracy In Danger?

Is American Democracy In Danger?

For years, America has stood up as the protector and defender of Democracy. But, according to several polls conducted in different states, the fate of America’s democracy is the number 2 concern for the voters.

The top concern for most Americans, according to the polls, is inflation. This has led to hundreds of Americans raising their voice while they struggle to manage their costs of living. Concerns for democracy are running second, making it ahead of abortion rights, immigration issues and crime.

A Texas poll conducted by the Marist Institute for Public Opinion recorded that 21% of people are worried about the falling democracy. Moreover, a national college poll recorded that 67% of Americans are worried about the nation’s failing democracy.

With an increased cost of living, fundamental rights like abortion being struck off from the constitution and gun violence brimming up, do you think American Democracy is in danger?

Is Our Democracy In Threat?

What do you think?

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

  • Is American Democracy In Danger?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Can’t Say
1 Comment
  • Brian F Thomas
    Posted at 07:35h, 16 September Reply

    First Off and the real point of all this noise! America is A Constitutional Republic. So who really gives a shit if Democarcy !
    isnt working and fulling apart. democracy will never work for long! And Joe Biden and his mob crew have by far destroy America dome there best to remove the constitution !
    The man must be stopped You see he wasnt real smart before he got demenitta

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