Is A Nuclear War Brimming Up Ahead?

Is A Nuclear War Brimming Up Ahead?

From the current Ukraine war to North Korea launching a new nuclear testing spree, nuclear weapons have always been debated upon. While there is no particular definition of a tactical nuclear weapon, they are often defined by their characteristics, size, range and for targeting limited military targets.

Who has nuclear weapons?

According to the CRS’s March report, the US has around 230 non-strategic nuclear weapons. Russia, on the other hand, is the world’s largest nuclear weapon owner, with about 2,000 nuclear warheads. North Korea admitted that its recent testing sprees were to stimulate the North of its nuclear powers.

Can they ever be used?

Russia’s president Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened a nuclear war, in case of an attack by the West. However, the US president doubted Putin’s capacity to deploy a nuclear weapon, considering the unstrategic measures the country has been using to invade Ukraine. Meanwhile, North Korea has admitted that its nuclear power is solely for self-defense.

Do You Think Any Possible Nuclear Attacks Or Threats Are Validated?

What’s your take?

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