Do You Think Ukraine-Russia War Could Swiftly Spiral Out Of Control?

Do You Think Ukraine-Russia War Could Swiftly Spiral Out Of Control?

Known for his steadfast backing of Ukraine, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg recently shared his biggest worry for this winter with a Norwegian TV interviewer: that the conflict in Ukraine could spiral out of hand and turn into a significant war between NATO and Russia. He earnestly warned that “if things go wrong,” they “can go horribly wrong.” 

It was a remarkable revelation from someone so deeply involved in the conflict. It illustrates the contrast in recent pronouncements between political leaders in the US and NATO and military officers. Civilian authorities continue to seem dedicated to conducting a protracted, unrelenting conflict in Ukraine.

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chair and retired Admiral Michael Mullen was the first to speak out, perhaps testing Milley’s commitment. Mullen told ABC News that the United States should “do all we possibly can to attempt to get to the table to resolve this problem.” 

According to Asia Times, other NATO military leaders agree with Milley that neither Russia nor Ukraine can win a war outright. However, French and German military assessments conclude that Ukraine’s recent military victories have given it a stronger negotiating position but that it will lose that advantage if it ignores Milley’s advice.

So why are military chiefs from the US and NATO speaking out so forcefully against maintaining their central involvement in the war in Ukraine? And why, if their political masters misunderstand or disregard the signs of the switch to diplomacy, do they perceive such impending danger?

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