Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Donald Trump is one of the most talked about presidents.

Those who love Trump boast about his role in economic growth, his goal-oriented immigration policies, and his commitment toward making America great.

Opponents claim that the economy was already on the upside and criticize his foreign and immigration policies.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

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  • R saumur
    Posted at 12:01h, 24 December Reply

    Yes a wonderful president doing more than any president in the last 50 years or more .also no other man could stand all the negative remarks from the left andkeepgoing on to make America better for all Americans.

  • Margo
    Posted at 03:19h, 22 December Reply

    This all started with Clinton. Yet she forgets the sins of her husband when president! There is not one politician who is without mistakes. He who is without sin cast the first stone!!! Does America realize that 63 percent of illegals that cross our borders are one some kind of government welfare for their children and us Americans who have worked our fingers to the bone have to fight just to draw unemployment even!!! Big Mistake !! The only one who needs to be voted out is Nancy herself!!

  • Ry
    Posted at 13:47h, 20 December Reply

    Our Great President Donald Trump has not only made America a Better Place. But brought those who are with him to a better Place in each of their own individual Lifes. He is doing an amazing job and We love him for it ❤️

  • Tyler
    Posted at 01:16h, 20 December Reply

    Gabriel, people like you are why this country is no longer a democracy and instead an oligarchy. When you dont vote, you have no right to criticize the way the government runs things because you are enabling them to run them that way.

    • Gary E. Foster II
      Posted at 01:24h, 04 February Reply


    Posted at 21:54h, 19 December Reply

    Why is everyone only looking at the economy. Hitler improved the economy of Germany also. Think about the America that he is creating, divided, angry, violent. If Satan could conquer America I am pretty sure he would use $$ to do it, buying votes and loyalty is Trumps way. If you are only looking at the economy, you have just sold your vote. Is this the America that you want your daughter, niece or grand daughter to grow up in?

    • T L
      Posted at 16:28h, 20 January Reply

      Shirley, are you saying that America was just one great big Utopia before Trump was elected? There was division and anger before Trump but you (and so many others) have allowed the media to convince you that everything was fine before Trump and that he is the cause of every bad thing….. this is absolutely untrue.
      And to your comment on the economy, Donald Trump has been speaking on these issues since the 80’s and back then, Democrats and Republicans alike agreed with him. It wasn’t until he dared to run against the establishment that he was made out to be less than human. It’s really sad that people can’t think for themselves anymore and continue to parrot the same things over and over. Saddest part is the folks saying the worst things have never even met the man.

  • LEE
    Posted at 18:35h, 19 December Reply


  • Jenny
    Posted at 03:51h, 19 December Reply

    Donald Trump is our president, yes I do think he is doing a good job, leave him alone and let him do his job be proud of the man you voted in to lead our country

  • Jenny
    Posted at 03:44h, 19 December Reply

    yes I do leave him alone and let him do his job be proud of the man you voted in to lead our country

  • Bruce Salta
    Posted at 01:04h, 19 December Reply

    I find it very narrow minded that Trumpers believe the economy is stronger because there are more people working. More people are working only because consumerism is on the rise so consumer services are where the jobs are. If Trump policies were actually helping the economy. You should see these things happening:
    1. Consumer debt going down, families would not have to rely on credit, which is at its highest.
    2. Workers would not need 2-3 jobs to make a living. Second gig economy has become a way of life for many.
    3. Salaries would rise to stay above inflation. Instead Trump policies have only helped the rich.
    4. When was the last time you saw an income tax credit because you have a child in college or going to trade school.
    5. Why are we taxed on the money we save. That is only an incentive for citizens to spend and stay in debt.
    6. Manufacturing is still declining. Young workers are not interested in getting into manufacturing.
    7. Funny thing about Trump. He always refers to himself, such as, “I am the only person that can fix the economy” That does not sound like a President that is looking out for our interest.

    Like any good authoritarian leader he has driven fear into the republicans and as such they no longer have the ability to interpret right from wrong. They have difficulty understanding the concepts of democracy. They have become mindless and will follow blindly. Just listen to the words they use and ask yourself, deep down do I really believe what they’re saying.

  • Kenneth Piper
    Posted at 23:31h, 18 December Reply


    • bran
      Posted at 10:26h, 09 January Reply

      Lol I see what you did there.

  • John Sullivan
    Posted at 17:46h, 18 December Reply

    Whoever is answering ‘NO” to this question need to open their eyes. This President has done more for America that any other President I have seen. I shouldn’t have to count for how many time he has put his own life in danger. Do you know about any other President that has visited North Korea to meet with a Dictator.

    People needs to start thinking straight and leave their Political believe behind. None one is Perfect. But, I’d rather have someone that actually do something for our country. I’m a Navy Veteran with No Political Association.

  • KAG
    Posted at 21:46h, 17 December Reply

    Ron, first of all the comment you made about economic growth is completely misleading and it shows how little you actually care about knowing the absolute truth. You neglected to consider the blatant fact that Trump was only half way through his FIRST term when he had reached the date given by this site, compared to Obama’s two full terms. If you were to actually consider the facts and not base your argument on second grade tactics, you may have made a compelling comment on the presidency.

    Oh yeah, I can use useless links:

    • bran
      Posted at 10:49h, 09 January Reply

      Just gonna our this out there now, like my old ROTC capt used to say, when you turn 18 and beyond, and you don’t vote, then don’t complain. I bet half of the people on here didn’t even vote, talking big shit when in reality it’s always going to be case by case, I see more people here with nothing more than a political agenda and it’s sickening. The numbers tell the truth, unemployment is down…stocks are up, he didn’t start ww3, calm the hell down.

  • Tina
    Posted at 00:26h, 17 December Reply

    Trump has not even tried to drain the swamp. He has in fact made it worse. I ask people what has he done for you and they reply alot more than Obama but can’t name anything that is better because they are all working class not the rich. I believe my friends and family who believe in this guy (trump are in a cult). It’s so disturbing to see the people you care about believe false narratives lies and cover-ups. The Republicans have sold their souls to the Antichrist possibly. Rudy has lost his mind. Very scary that they support Russia more than America. Please Bolton be a patriot and come forth. I am proud of our Patriots that did testify. God help us all and any Republicans who are willing to uphold their oath over political gain please help my children and grandchildren. An American Patriot

  • Peter Lee
    Posted at 23:45h, 16 December Reply

    No Donald JERK trump does not help America at all.
    He definitely help himself…

    • Ben Dover
      Posted at 01:50h, 13 January Reply

      That was such a clever replacement for the J in Trumps name. You should be a comedian.

  • ML
    Posted at 13:03h, 16 December Reply

    Trump was Elected
    Trump will be elected again by a land slde
    Next to Reagan he is the best
    You guys, Democrat’s/liberals just get over it! Move on and get a life
    You don’t like a healthy growing America then leave
    We are doing just fine
    Your POLL is wrong Trump is 51% favored
    Have a great day

    • Kerrie
      Posted at 23:36h, 16 January Reply

      1) PLEASE tell me how he is anywhere close to one of the best presidents?
      2) you’re hilarious. Should I leave, because I find it unacceptable that schoolchildren have to engage in “active shooter drills” to prepare for the threat of being mowed down by a disgruntled student with an assault rifle, just trying to get an education?

      Believe me I’d really like to be a country that isn’t living in fear of immigrants and people of color, and actually understands socialism isn’t evil. I’d also love to live somewhere that recognizes health care as a basic right for all citizens, not just the wealthy. I’d also absolutely LOVE to move to a country that has NO FOX NEWS.

      I could have made the same argument when most of these same people were complaining about Obama. If they didn’t like our president back then, just like we don’t like Trump, why didn’t THEY leave?

      You dont blindly follow someone just bc he’s president, thats called a dictatorship.

  • Elizabeth
    Posted at 01:24h, 15 December Reply

    This morning, I woke yet again, still in this very strange nightmare that I’ve been having for far too long. This horror dream claims that a narcissistic, lier, of very low intelligence, is claiming to be the president of this great country. He is running things like a 3-year-old (give or take) and it is all happening in front of the world. And what is possibly worse, there are actually people of average intelligence that can hear, see, read, and think, that are being duped by this antichrist type humanoid…..I know, I know, it is the most ridiculous unbelievable thing to explain….FAR worse than most people could imagine ….FAR too ridiculous to be true, but none-the-less, I can’t seem to wake up from it and it is DAMNED SCARY!!!!

  • Jill Kramer
    Posted at 03:55h, 14 December Reply

    If anyone claims they are Christian while simultaneously supporting this man, they are mistaken or lying. It’s completely impossible. He seems to thoroughly enjoy life in this material world. I wonder what he’ll think about the afterlife. Yes, I am being judgmental; a judgment based on facts. This is not an opinion, he is as far from Christ-like as anyone could ever be. He believes he is the “chosen one”, interesting.

    • Jayson
      Posted at 14:36h, 07 February Reply

      Your judgement is based on a human, being A human! I am certain that you are free from anything in your life that would make the next holier than thou Christian play God and denounce your Salvation which by the way is a GIFT FROM GOD!! Honestly though we can go back BC and take a look at David. I am more than certain you would condemn him for the many terrible acts he did that were against the will of God yet God showed favor on him knowing that he was indeed human and he Knew that David loved him. Stop focusing on the bad and build on the good. God Bless

  • Walter
    Posted at 01:03h, 13 December Reply

    Trump is a totally retarded, very, very harmful, destructive evangelical, bible fundamentalist. He is in no way, shape or form, qualified to be President of the US!!! He is a modern day Hitler!! Trump and Giuliani are like a modern day Hitler and Mussolini!! He is a gambling casino operator and an organized crime boss!! He should be in jail right now with Cohen, Manafort, Stone, etc and all his other criminal partners!! He is totally ruining and destroying the once United States!!

    Religion is the root of this problem!! Religion caused this horrible Trump disaster! Religious people put Trump in office and religious people are keeping him in office! The US is one of the most religiously backward countries in the world!!!

  • Dale
    Posted at 03:54h, 12 December Reply

    Trump took a silent suppressed majority, crushed by Obama’s policies and gave them a voice. Obama was the divider. Fundamentally changing america as he saw fit. We never had the hatred displayed for police before his rhetoric. The left had been moving in the shadows decades, shipping immigrants into red states by the bus load. Infiltrating state and local govts., staffing colleges, news outlets, court rooms etc. They have had a long term plan, unnoticed, but they have shown their hand too soon. One more communist manifesto. One more 4 year term would have ended america as we know it. The right has identified it and forced them to reveal themselves. No longer able to hide their agenda, they now openly attack ie impeachment. It wasnt enuff to weaponize the FBI,IRS,EPA and every other agency where their moles had gained power. This attack on the duely elected president is nothing other than an end to their sad game.

  • Shawn
    Posted at 03:48h, 12 December Reply

    Absolutely he save me over $600 in my monthly paycheck and taxes and help me to start a new business anyone who’s against Donald Trump is against America

  • Dae
    Posted at 03:32h, 12 December Reply

    Trump is good for the country. He is not good for thin skinned liberals. He has angered them and he can’t be forgiven. Look at all of the posts on here where their vaginas hurt.

  • Dusty Balczak
    Posted at 01:00h, 12 December Reply

    He is CLEARLY bad for these once United States. My heart is broken because of the division and partisan divide that exists today. We can’t even agree on facts. We’ve been offered instead what those who support Trump refer to as “alternative facts” As Rudy Giuliani said truth isn’t truth
    I’m 63 years old, registered Independent and have paid close attention to the facts of this administration. In the past I registered Republican but since Trump has turned the Republican party into something I no longer recognize I have left the party and will no longer vote Republican. I don’t see how anyone can honestly follow the facts and come up with any other than Trump is unfit to be POTUS

    • Kathleen
      Posted at 06:51h, 02 February Reply

      Your liberal congress did this not President Trump!

  • PJ Broun
    Posted at 00:35h, 12 December Reply

    Imagine being so stupid that when you look at Spanky, this treasonous, traitorous,
    Totally corrupt, self-serving, ignorant clown, this racists semi-literate moron, sexually
    Assaulting, pathologically lying, feeble minded, morally bankrupt, constitutionally
    Illiterate simpleton, this bloated nitwit with his cotton candy hair, radioactive tinted skin
    And obese dishevelment and think “Now that is a guy I admire and he’s a great example
    For our children”

  • Tom C.
    Posted at 00:23h, 12 December Reply

    No – God help us! And I am not religious!
    Trump is un-American and does not care about the sacrifices made by others throughout our history. He is a reflection of corporate values which is “profit over All”!! He would sell his mother for the right price. He has already sold himself.

  • Steven Alexander
    Posted at 03:39h, 11 December Reply

    ? You liberals are the cause for the division! He won the election, the people have spoken and like the spoiled little children you are you just couldn’t take your ball and go home!. Yes he is doing right by Americans! We dont care about the rest of the world, I’m sorry you are not able to run your hustle and sell Chinese knock offs anymore. We are sick of you liberals and your lies ! We see right through your BS Propaganda! What happened, the president ruin your scams? I know who owns your media and what they want, global socialism, national socialism it’s all the same, same plan, different tactics and Trump Shut you down! America belongs to Americans! If illegal immigrants decided to break our immigration laws why in the hell would they respect any of our other laws? Ehh talking sense to a liberal is like trying to explain calculus to a goldfish, you are brainwashed robots serving those 15 Billionaire families (the true marionettes) your democratic politicians cant hide thier strings anymore, fyi I never cared about politics until you guys started trying to convince me with your propaganda fake news, YOUR LIBERAL ACTIONS ARE THE REASON IM SIDING WITH OUR PRESIDENT! TRUMP 2020! N-M-B

    • bran
      Posted at 09:20h, 09 January Reply

      Love it, well said, but you could even say it’s like trying to teach calculus to me, I’m horrible at math, but I am a nurse and have common enough sense to know that the liberals should honestly move the hell out of this country if it just sooooo bad lol.

  • LR Hawks
    Posted at 04:37h, 10 December Reply

    Some of these comments are long winded. The economy has improved. And lately he is calling on the lazy people who are able to work Just Do It. My daughter told me of a couple with a child that have refused all help to better their circumstances. The child is suffering immensely living in a vehicle, starving, dirty and tired. Another person gave spare change to an individual who asked for such. She threw it back and said she wanted dollars not change. Another person gave food only to be told ” I dont want food I want money. Capable people will loose food stamps unless they are working or in a training program.

  • Tess
    Posted at 17:42h, 08 December Reply

    My question is if Trump so against foreign WHY DO MARRY THEM!!! They should be deported in all fairness. . ( but I know that won’t happen ) Also, his wife didn’t even move it the white house. She is living at home. She wants nothing to do with any public first lady’s duties. But yet, his ex is living in the white house acting like first lady. I just read that 25 or more countries don’t want Americans it visit due to Trump. Which is really sad because Egypt, Ireland, Austria, Italy just a few of maook beautiful according to documents. More one thought since we brainwashed into letting Trump the world that’s remember German ruler and look how that turn out. Incident people die and children left parentheses and many people against a Women for President. ASK YOURSELF THIS WHO CREATED THE MESS? MEN!!!!!
    This my opinion only!!!

    • bran
      Posted at 10:02h, 09 January Reply

      I think, in fact, I know, your opinions are completely flawed and without any sort of logic or reason. I’m sorry that you got your news from your friends in the street who got the news from another friends cousin who heard it on cnn in the background one day. What does being a man or woman have to do with anything? I think you need help…

  • TN
    Posted at 06:44h, 08 December Reply

    Trump’s pattern of conducting business “for the US” has obviously been a hoax. When he sees it doesn’t work, he quickly pulls other stunts like, now delaying the trade fight that he heave-hoed big time to make him look good while trying to shame previous presidents. His failure from picking a fight with China is why other presidents didn’t want to pursue for the consumer goods are at stake. Trump was ignorant enough to think he will do good affected the shock in the stock market last year now every quarter, people wake up! He is harming the economy. Lowly people are not experiencing prosperity because he is making the wealthy prosper. Job market report is not accurate in that why are there people don’t have enough to save for their retirement? Trump’s sneaky refund of $220 to each family is not enough because there are health insurance, every six month real estate tax, personal auto tax, auto insurance, home insurance, schooling for kids, food prices have gone up, expensive utility bills all have gone up because the city is populated, then there are uninsured health car that is being taken out of my pay check, uninsured auto I have to pay. So Trump needs to stop fooling around with economy. Jobs is not the only thing Trump should mind. He needs to balance out the economy. He hasn’t done so. Trump supporters are being tricked by Trump’s now delaying his infamous trade fight with China because he is worrying his reelection in 2020. Wish people get with it that Trump is a trickster who brings even steeper deficit into the country then his previous presidents but by golly stupid Trump voters who are mesmerized by his tax cut “for the wealthy” only are the ones who have to pay the tax instead the wealthy and he doesn’t give a hoot to those now facing increased tax rate. That stock market reaping profit every three months causes a vicious cyclical unstable economy because stock holders sell off as soon as they see they get capital gain and they don’t pay tax over it. Instead the middle income earners cover the tax for those wealthy people. Trump miscalculated that he can get China to pay for his tax plan, now finds out he wouldn’t dare to poke at China to pay for his tax plan. I am disgusted at the way Trump believes that he is better than his previous prezs.

  • Johnnybhiggind
    Posted at 01:18h, 08 December Reply

    Leave Mr. Trump in office he has done more than any other president. Hes doing his job, like you all should be doing. Instead of impeaching trump save American jobs by sending illegal immigrants back so US citizens can work and feed them feed their own families. It doesn’t bother you all but it should because one could have your job also.

  • Stacey M Stephens
    Posted at 21:11h, 07 December Reply

    Even if he was “responsible for growth”, he has been someone who has committed fraud/financial crime for years.

    The upsetting part of being an American is it is obvious the majority doesn’t care about the future of the planet.

    These last years have been depressing – look at how all of us are so angry?? Do we really want this to continue ?

  • average joe
    Posted at 14:47h, 07 December Reply

    its about Crony Capitalism Vs Free Market Capitalism..OR Company Politic Power Vs People/Consumer Power

    Donald Trump is a crony capitalist..he is not really for the consumer hes for solidifying big corporations. hes taking away the free market.

    Luckly the government is starting to “Directly” reflect the people compared to the 90s where the whole government was basically rich white greedy men..

    Trump basicly started an Enlightment in this country from showing whats most important and how this country could quickly tip away from the people and have ALL the power to the top instead of diverted to the people.. the government is starting to fix capitalism now.

  • Jonathan
    Posted at 18:59h, 05 December Reply

    I am 22 years old, and believe highly that we are all equal no matter what. If you are to be anything, be human. I challenge everyone with this, think of the ideal friend, they can be act out sometimes but usually their are pretty good lines between yeah I know that guy, and he is a good friend of mine. Well, pretend a figure or person you have doubts about was a ‘friend’, would you even want them as a friend or do their actions speak otherwise.

    My observations of Donald Trump’s behavior:

    He doesn’t own up to anything. He will falsely claims when something else is the problem just to distract from the accusations at hand. When dealing with people, a good rule is to never bring personal preferences into the matter because they don’t actually matter. But in his tweets and speeches there is a constant nagging at others for irrelevant negativity. Our president cyber bullies people, and people will say ‘but oh he is helping the economy’, this is the same as he has done. Being called out and changing the subject as a cover up, no thanks Id like to hear the truth thanks. I read his snapchat propaganda to try and talk trash about those who are opposing him for impeachment. His comments are based on; who these people donated to, what their opinions are, old/current job positions. Everyone has the right to their own opinion, including donald trump, but to make this claim as a reason to discredit them, thats not ok for anyone to do. Base a person on their actions, trumps actions are as clear as day, as are the opposition. Although trump will not reason with anyone publicly, instead his outlet is lets bully them online until they are hated by the public. It works alot of the time, apparently people just take it in. I think publically humiliation is a crime, he is ok with ruining anyones life because they are not on his level of opinion.

  • Johnnybhiggind
    Posted at 15:22h, 05 December Reply

    I think Mr. Trump is doing what he said he would do. And I believe you should let him. Get off his back he is the people’s president of the United states sworn in to do his job so let him do it I support this man. And I would re vote for him in the next election

  • Josey whales
    Posted at 01:49h, 05 December Reply

    Yes!!!!! hes the best president we ever had!! Anyone who says differently is part of a media agenda against white republican males who stand for what America is truly about. This fake impeachment stuff is funny. These people who are out to get trump are very bad people. Trumps the best thing for them and their country however they hate the country and want to destroy America. These people complained for so long and now trump has given them what they wanted and now they are complaining about that. They dont want a fix! They want to destroy America. Trump is trying to save america from these evil people So that their children can have a future however they dont want that. Go trump!!! I truly believe that this entire movement against trump is nothing other than a race driven gender driven sex driven issue.. they dont care about the country. Trump has done so much!!! Just research it!!! He needs to fix the corrupt child support issue next because its killing our industry and families.

  • dora
    Posted at 23:44h, 03 December Reply

    Yes President Trump has helped America tremendously! I’m so proud of his honesty & common sense,he tells the brutal truth. If you work for a living you can do whatever you want,if you need more money you can take classes & do that. He truly cares. It’s so refreshing to hear his love for America! I don’t know how he takes all the craziness from the delusional democrats. They have truly lost their mind & they are not for the working people,no way. I use to think they were. I don’t want to pay higher taxes,can’t afford it. If democrats win, the unemployment rate will go up sky high & people will lose their incentive to work. The regulations will be reinstated & it’ll cost to much to even have a small company. Everything will be taxed like California. Can you imagine how that’s gonna be? Take a look at Socialist California! Thank God for President Trump!

  • John Demetry
    Posted at 21:22h, 03 December Reply

    Donald john trump and his family are genetic defects!

  • Adyson
    Posted at 02:59h, 03 December Reply

    Yes yes yes. He is protecting the people of America by only letting legal immigrants into the country. He has created over 3 million jobs. But most importantly, he’s not a lifelong politician, he’s a businessman! He is committed to the job and he’s doing his best. I am disgusted by anti-Trump people. Make America Great Again, and Keep America Great!

  • Jerry Zimmers
    Posted at 19:00h, 02 December Reply

    I’m so sick of hearing we won the election. You lost by over 3 million votes. I’m sure everyone has heard the phrase, every vote counts! Well bullshit if every vote counted Fox news wouldn’t be running this country right now. I really don’t think our founders thought one day that every vote wouldn’t count, that states with 5 million people and 5 million buffalo’s would have the same influence in the way the country is ran as a state with 20 million people. This is not a every vote counts plan. Just my opinion and as of today at least I’m still allowed to have one.

  • Jerry Zimmers
    Posted at 18:37h, 02 December Reply

    It’s terrible the way everyone goes at each other nowadays and a big reason for the way we act is Russia. We were all fooled by Russias interference in our 2016 election and they got out of it exactly what they wanted all of us at each other’s throats, split like never before doubting every word the other side says. Add to that oppiniated news shows like anything on after 8pm on CNN, MSNBC and especially Fox news who might as well be called Trumps hate the other side news, there you have it everything Russia wanted. I ask everyone to quit watching these so called news channels and start watching your local news if you want news and not opinionated bull crap.

  • Ivanka Trump
    Posted at 17:33h, 02 December Reply

    What is this job growth we talk about? Blue collar w/ unions or white collar where skills and profits decide the hiring/firing? I know that in healthcare, white collar, jobs are not affected by the economy/president. They are affected by the insurance cost, membership, and profits. I”m really tired of these pro trump arguments saying the wall will save jobs. No it won’t. If someone hires an illegal, that’s not because of a lack of a wall. It’s because the employer wants to pay crap wages, provide no insurance nor protection against someone who came here illegally. They are participating in the “job take away” and I don’t know one blue collar person who was affected by an illegal hiring. Dishwasher–maybe. Not an auto plant employee. All of his rhetoric is for the uneducated and naive who will believe anything.

  • John Doe
    Posted at 14:32h, 01 December Reply

    Trump the person he portrays to the World every day.

    I have very strong personal opinions and ideas but can be persuaded to look at things differently when someone has solid evidence that clearly shows I am wrong.
    Everything about TRUMP as a person is unacceptable to me. I am not addressing his politics he really doesn’t know what they are, that changes like a hotel maid changes bed sheets. He was a Democrat most of his life and now claims to be a Conservative Republican, it’s for his convenience, nothing more than expanding his brand. Who is he as a man. He has proven that he has a extreme narcissistic personality. He is so in love with himself he can’t love anyone else. How about his constant obsessive rage, his lack of honorable character, he has a complete void when it comes to integrity.
    He shows his total disrespect for the rule of law every day, every time he talks. His inability to speak the truth about anything and his lack of compassion. Everything mentioned here is recorded on multiple videos through out the years, so how can he, or anyone else deny this behavior.
    Our democracy is threatened by his poor ethics, his daily personal vindictiveness to anyone who does not agree with him.
    He is a arrogant, despicable, miserable, angry man, who manages to put himself on display every day of our lives. He is full of his own self righteousness and PUFFED UP WITH ENORMOUS PRIDE that Evangelicals under normal circumstances would condemn according to the bible. He is a real disgrace to America and brings shame to this country like no one ever has. Hopefully America will vote their consciences and not their party in 2018 and again in 2020.

    CONSCIENCES – an inner voice acting as a guide to the rightness or wrongness of one’s behavior.

    How do we weigh the true measure of a man ?

    The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Signed, A Concerned Citizen for our Democracy

  • Brian Shaw
    Posted at 12:29h, 01 December Reply

    More than any President since Ronald Reagan.
    The mainstream media won’t share that! President Trump is showing what our government could do when they aren’t lining their own pockets. For decades Congress has been about Power…the American people be damned. Remember when the author of Obamacare said the American people are stupid? He meant it.

  • Andy
    Posted at 14:10h, 29 November Reply

    First of all, he is doing great.

    He did not get help from Putin, because there is literally 0 proof of that. Second, the CIA spied on him during the elections which is a capital offense, and he won fair and square. Third, he is not racist. Black unemployment is the lowest it’s ever been, and he speaks against it. Fourth, the libtards make him look bad, and they don’t even know what they’re talking about. Those fake news channels (CNN, ABC, CBS, Washington Post, and New York Times) are lying to make him look bad, and he is not. Fifth, Obama was worst. I can name a lot of things, ATF Gunwalking Scandal, Operation Fast and Furious, arming of the IRS against political groups, and sending 150,000,000,000 dollars to Iran. So if you think he is bad, please think about how stupid the libtards are, and rethink. (P.S, don’t listen to those fools in the comments)

    Posted at 05:19h, 29 November Reply

    Well the left is looking through them rose colored glasses and hoping the mushrooms are growing.

  • Grumples
    Posted at 00:52h, 28 November Reply

    How can anyone still support and vote for this admitted sexual predator and confirmed liar…the Rapist-in-chief. I can’t fathom how anyone with daughters or grand-daughters vote for this predator. And how can anyone of the minority demographics, or anyone with friends/relatives who are minorities, support and vote for this man child?

    • Kathleen
      Posted at 07:22h, 02 February Reply

      I am a minority. I voted for Trump, and will again.

  • Evelyn
    Posted at 10:03h, 27 November Reply

    He is no better than trigger happy Bush 1 and 2 or sex crazed Hoes bag bill clinton..Oh wait he is all those things wrapped in one. Oh yeah I forgot he is Donald trump the very thing he criticizes but only in one fat package…Hehehe

  • Eveyln
    Posted at 09:53h, 27 November Reply

    YES Adam I agree!! Thank you for your service. See I served over year & half in Iraq too & you right those Sunnis, Iraqi & African kids were my friend’s. It was a beautiful yet war torn country, it was a melting pot every race was there. But you see Pvt Bone Spurs – (Trump) never served anyone or anything a day in his life so supposedly that make him qualified for a presidency Hehe..and he doesn’t understand nor want to understand. That why he will never know us or what our war Vets or any Vets in general will go thru for this country…Whoa is me poor trump! Screw him!! Spoiled Rotten Brat!

  • Evelyn
    Posted at 09:37h, 27 November Reply


  • Patrick E. Weaver
    Posted at 16:42h, 26 November Reply

    VETERANS! Over all the only thing He is doing is creating MORE disabled service “men”! He is saving money by closing NEEDED
    V.A facilities, CUTTING Veterans Benefits, and he is cutting the PAY That
    we, as disabled Veterans were GUARANTEED! I got a $1,000.00 per month cut in my monthly benefits that and He won with a Minority of popular votes!

  • Adam
    Posted at 05:04h, 26 November Reply

    How deplorables can overlook Trump’s disgusting dim witted moral behavior is beyond me. All they can do is somehow blame Obamacare (which made premiums go up but insured an extra 10M people). Obama was a thoughtful intellectual. Trump? Deplorables will bend over backward to defend his behavior. If Obama did any one of the things Trump does weekly he’d be impeached. Trump does something every day.

    – It is factually proven lies more than any other president by an order of magnitude.
    – Riped off his own employees.
    – Started a sham school.
    – Is a rampant narcissist (tips off charities to buy a painting of himself and makes fake time magazine covers)
    – In his campaign tried to tell generals how to do their job. Jesus his arguement that we should “sneak attack” and general’s didnt know the tactic was the comment of a dim witted child).
    – Starts ridiculous trade wars.
    – Rolled back regulations to help his buddies.
    – Dismantled the Consumer Protection Bureau – which has been going after predatory lenders. All to help he friends who go after loans of students and the poor.
    – Kids by three different women. Cheated on his wife with a Playboy bunny after she just gave birth – then cheated on both with a porn star.
    – Sexually harassed a dozen women.
    – Said he would sleep with his own daughter.
    – Flip flops on everything. Every day is some new uncertainty.
    – Bullies our allies.

    Thos are just SOME things.

    But yeah … Obama made some insurance premiums go up because he wanted to extend insurance to more people.

    • Jasmine
      Posted at 18:45h, 16 December Reply

      “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Ave and shoot someone and not lose voters”. The only statement this man has said that actually might be true. I’m sadden and sickened by anyone who supports this President. Ignorance without any morals.

    • Noah
      Posted at 01:58h, 27 December Reply

      He has definitely helped the Nation, he is one of the most successful businessmen of our time and that is exactly what our government is, Big business. Some of his ways are a little out of the ordinary but America has needed change for a long while. People have forgotten how we became one of the most powerful nations on the Earth. WW2 did not come to an end because someone voted for it or signed a petition, it took real men fighting real wars with real pain and real sacrifice. Sooner or later there will come a time that will once again require real men and women to stand up and do what must be done regardless of emotions and then the true Americans will be seen. As far as Trump supporters VS haters, there will be no acceptance, that is a thing of the past along with respect, honor tolerance and testosterone.

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