Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Donald Trump is one of the most talked about presidents.

Those who love Trump boast about his role in economic growth, his goal-oriented immigration policies, and his commitment toward making America great.

Opponents claim that the economy was already on the upside and criticize his foreign and immigration policies.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Donald Trump is helping America?

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

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  • Bowiegirlforever
    Posted at 00:12h, 20 October Reply

    I don’t know anything about politics. I never have. I just know that since Donald Trump became President, I have never seen the likes of hatred between the Republicans and the Democrats or simply the American people. I have never seen such division in this country or felt the personal division between myself and my friends. The American citizens voted this man into office based on his promises during the election. Seems he is fulfilling his promises. Seems his lack of political correctness has been what the majority of the American people wanted. They wanted a President to run the country like a business rather than a politician. What is quite apparent to me is that the Democratic party are the people that are creating the division of “WE THE PEOPLE”. The Republicans didn’t want Clinton or Obama in the White House but that’s what the majority of the American people voted into office so they dealt with it but didn’t start such a fuss and divide the country so apparently. I think??? that there can be many negative things or positive things to be said about most all of our leaders throughout the history of this country. In my very humble opinion, I think the President needs to quit being under such daily attacks as he runs the country. The attacks will only impede any good he is trying to accomplish. My humble opinion is that the side leaning to the left would fare better if they would quit attacking the leader of the nation and let him try and do his job or the job he proposed he would do in the event he became President. Leave the man alone. I personally like the fact he calls it as he sees it politically correct or not. I think he is saying what many people are thinking and too scared to say for fear of backlash. He was the same man BEFORE he was elected and he was the winner of the election so, to those who haven’t been able to stomach him. I hate it for you but this too shall pass. Many people felt the same way about Presidents they disagreed with but certainly never started such a division as is today. Well, I don’t have the facts of ALL of the Presidents. Just talking about the ones in the past recent history. Now, before anyone says anything.,I’m typing this in the dark so if I have missed a comma or heaven forbid maybe spelled a word incorrectly, I do apologize. I am human. I am not an idiot but I do claim ignorance about the ins and outs of this political arena and of every single issue that has been brought up so far in this thread. Just wish the country was feeling bound as one like we were in the GOD FORBIDDEN days, months and several years after 9/11. What happened to that brotherhood? Now, let the name calling begin, if it will. I won’t be here to read it.. GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  • Ray
    Posted at 22:46h, 19 October Reply

    Whats really amazing about the above commentary? The fact that the United States is now so divided! The hate spewing from this website is immense! We are Americans.
    Yes ALL of us! So what is the problem? My opinion is that you are all mindless corporate programs.
    It started when you were quite young. The people that are, quite literally, yelling
    in their chat here is more than of a little concern. Before you even think to attack anyone, right
    or wrong, on anything ask yourself: why do you have such hate For Anyone?
    Yes yes I know, you disagree. But what about freedom of speech? Is that gone now?
    You are trying to tell everyone that, your the one who is right! There is obviously no way to reach someone so deeply entrenched in their beliefs as the above people have showed themselves to be!
    This is some of the behavior that started the civil war in this country years ago! Only it was mainly about a, black and white issue(s) (many find/found this abhorrent?! yes, abhorrent, because it does not address our family values as many of us were taught, in the first place.)

    But this is not what I started out to say here.
    And furthermore…why do I think that the people here are “programs”? I am very sorry if you do not understand my statement! You see, those in the know, will recognize me instantly. Suggestion: get informed, beyond this! No not just a little, supreme! Still not getting me? Ok. Well let me ask you.. What do you know about the USA political system?(how deep?), religion?, corporate structuring, the changes in our country that are a contradiction to the US constitution? The early beginnings of the US?, the ancient beginnings, of the human habitation, in this area?, or of the planet earth? Or to put it another way: where do you get your information from?
    Perhaps you get your information from corporate mediums. Suggestion: if you wish to find truth about anyone or anything: you have to back-check it. But your still not done?!, You then need to back-check the back-check(s)! Why you ask?: Because of people like the ones who are talking on this website?! You all seem to hate each other.. and you appear here as someone who would fight, or kill, for your beliefs?! You probably think I’m the crazy one? Don’t fool yourself, I am not anymore important than you! But you do scare me! Because you are already hating me. I can feel your sickness by reading the above. Yes that’s right! You are quite ill! With what. Emotional sickness! Poor mental health! Physical health is sick when mental is as well! The truth?: You probably do not really hate your neighbors? Oh I am taking this to seriously because its just a discussion right? Wrong! You are dishonest, unhappy, ill, an more… You are displaying not only hate here, but you are also displaying obvious dishonesty?!
    That’s right, I can tell that you are lying online without seeing your face! Before you say BS, think? How could anyone do that? Because, if you back check on the things you, or anyone else is saying…one would find that, it just does not ad up! So, If I already am informed about this, or Any discussion about…Whatever, then I know BS or truth, right away. So the guy or gal above who is so sure he is right(without real knowledge) is spotted instantly!
    And he or she is very ignorant and quite unintelligent! We can see right through you! How can you get informed with real knowledge? I mean truly empowered! You could, learn something in college or university. But to get the ‘real goods’ you need to do research! Research will tell you all you need to know! But to get the real stuff, you even need to back-check historical data, because its quite often wrong as well. Whats the point? People are great liars! (you don’t have to be though!)
    At this point in time: the average American has an agenda?! (and they are aggressively goal driven/oriented?!) OH yes you are! We were all taught this early in our youth here in Oregon. I seriously doubt others states were/are any different. The aforementioned is quite relevant to the topic above. Or did you miss that?
    (note: its truly amazing that some of the people presently walking among us are really quite ill, in their heart and mind… this part of Oregon is quite bankrupt looking in many ways that need an internal systems check to fully appreciate. you know: employment, on the dole, joblessness, the tragic homeless (and heartlessness toward the homeless is as sick as themselves))
    In fact, it seems much much more prevalent here, than ever actually. Has anyone even noticed that I am talking here? Not condemning anyone directly! Just talking. If you are feeling ashamed somehow in some way, then, I am talking to you perhaps, more than others. When is the last time you did something like a God would? We have that capability you know! You! Or, is your programming really that deep? Get real! Find real truth and if you can’t handle real truth don’t waste mine or anyone else’s time with your treacherous, deceitful sick-lying Godless nonsense.
    I am ordained as a minister. It’s almost a joke because they – the church n state – lied to me as well!
    Lost my faith? Actually, I believe its probably better now, because, my research has answered many life long questions; and still do, about things which are – probably best discovered on your own.
    So don’t ask. Do research! Take care. And wave to your neighbor. He or she – is an American.
    North American anyways. If you wave over the border, you are still waving to an American. We just call them a Central American, or a South American. Personally, I don’t think in terms of, red, brown, black, white, or yellow men an women, all I see is another human.
    So I discussed immigration with you as well. As you see above. Sadly it is another one of your hatreds as well.. you cannot deny that either! You are too obvious to me! Wake up. Even Jesus was born in the Arab world! What do you say about them? Uhhuh! Remember when you actually went to church? With your mom n dad?! They taught that Jesus would return some day. (Well that’s what they taught at Jesus churches that I attended anyway!?! Well…what if instead of being born into the Arab World this time, he is born in Asia? What would you say about that? To bad everything does not fit into your tiny box (the brain)! By the way: I really like my exclamation key!!-!-!!!!- oh stop please I OK i’m done)
    Note: my discussion was polite politics, I covered a little religion, Emotive (or to coin a phrase: E-motivational)
    Question: will the lords of heaven give me a starship?
    Sister n brothers: I love you! Please dont fight. Sit in a hottub and watch the stars for greatness to come. Drink a little wine, eat clean good food, drink water, make love a lot, don’t fake.
    Find Answers! Make no mistake about it they are all over this planet!!!

  • Rip Torn
    Posted at 15:08h, 19 October Reply

    DONALD J. TRUMP IS UNEQUIVOCALLY THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN HUMAN HISTORY, BAR NONE. The predecessor before him was and still is a disgrace. You stupid fools who hate PRESIDENT TRUMP, have not gotten over the stomp down of your hagg queen from people ashaned to be here? Leave and dont let the door smack your fool ass. TRUMP IS RESTORING AMERICA TO HER POSITION, BY UNDOING THAT MESS THE DISGUSTING HOMOSEXUAL HEATHEN MOZZLOM kenyan made.

    • Jack Opdenhoff
      Posted at 05:33h, 13 November Reply

      Says some Incel nazi. Piss off you racist trump toll!

  • Christine
    Posted at 14:29h, 19 October Reply

    I think Trump has been the most effective President of my lifetime. Everything and everyone seems to be doing MUCH better. A lot of people I know who were unemployed and struggling are now doing quite well. Go Trump. Thanks for helping the American people for a CHANGE! Thanks for giving us some REAL hope and change instead of just empty rhetoric and I really feel hopeful for the future of our country under his leadership. He may not be the nicest guy, but he has been a pretty good president, IMO. I feel the ones that are diving us are the socialist democrats who are obviously power hungry and will say or do anything to get power. Everything they do brings a red flag to the mind. They are trying to whip the populace into a frenzy based on nothing but conspiracy theories. I really think they have lost not only their souls but their minds as well.

    • Jack Opdenhoff
      Posted at 05:29h, 13 November Reply

      What, did he grab your privileged pussy to?

    Posted at 14:16h, 19 October Reply

    I am a high school graduate,no college,not a history buff or financier,definitely not a politician just an average red blooded AMERICAN trying to survive.
    In my lifetime I have lived both good and bad times and have witnessed a lot of change,mostly all corruption. I was raised during desegregation in the late 60,70s and the 80s and it still goes on.The oil embargoes (corruptions) of the early ,mid 70s.And so on and so on…………………..
    What I don’t understand is how anyone that follows politics,or our government can say a president is good or bad in what they do.I don’t care Republican or Democrat.ONE THING I HAVE LEARNED OVER THE YEARS,is that it doesn’t matter who is in office,what matters is the agenda of the top secret group that put that person in office.If you believe 1 person can do all the damage and commit all the crimes and corruption to and in our country you are very naive and much less educated than myself. If you do not know that the appointed person in the Oval office is nothing more than a front person or puppet on a string may god have mercy on your soul.
    I really hate to admit that I no longer vote because I realized in the BUSH JR.2ND term election that our votes do not matter and the candidate has been selected long before the votes are ever counted.The candidate is groomed,paid and selected by a higher power than the AMERICAN PEOPLE.Once in office they do what they have been paid to do.If they do not do what they are paid to do there is no secret service that can protect them,they will be removed permanently and replaced by the already groomed and paid replacement.
    Perfect example Obama was giving basically the same exact healthcare program plan that Reagan was giving only re-worded and re-named,Reagan rejected it and was shot,not by a hatter but by the higher authorities as a warning that were actually controlling our country and the world.YOU MAY SAY CONSPIRACY but if you think this is not how our country and world is run you are in big trouble.

    Republican,democrat,Reagan, Bush,Clinton’s,Bush twice,Obama IT DOES NOT MATTER They were placed in office they were not elected.You must read between the lines,try to see who is not running but controlling our country and world.IT’S CALLED CORPORATE GREED and if you think it can be one person,party the person in the oval office,YOU ARE VERY BLIND AND NAIVE.

    They say,(no I don’t know who they are)everything happens for a reason.
    I don’t understand why they want to destroy AMERICA THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD,But they are doing a great job at it and at an alarming rate of speed.Wake up people and read between the lines they have divided not trying they have accomplished that,although I started noticing during the Bush era very silently,in my eye’s Obama was very proud to put his name on it with no remorse or shame,He showed that he was proud to say and show how he destroyed what was well accomplished desegregation from the 60s and 70s.There will always be racism in our world,but growing up in those bad times,I noticed a lot of improvement and equality for all and 1 man literally destroyed all that progress in 8 years.
    I am not here to choose a side,I am only here because I googled (how am I going to survive)and this site is 1 that popped up.Therefore after reading some of the replies I thought this would give me a chance to ONLY express my opinion,thoughts and what is on my mind.

    I have a couple questions. How many people could use there cell phone on a plain in 2001

    How many plain crashes have you seen on the news where absolutely not 1 single piece of the aircraft was ever recovered.

    How many witnesses did you see on the news that said they were almost hit by a plain when it nearly supposedly landed on a highway near the pentagon.

    Just asking for a friend.

    OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE THIS IS MUCH MORE THAN A BILLIONAIRE (NOT A POLITICIAN) THAT GAVE UP A LIFE OF LUXURY To be degraded,harassed,publicly humiliated.A man that yes I believe was handed this position by possibly just maybe an elite group of wealthy corporate AMERICANS THAT REALLY DO CARE ABOUT AMERICA AND THE AMERICAN PEOPLE AND THERE BEST INTEREST.I honestly don’t know why he doesn’t just give up.THIS IS 1 TOUGH MAN TO PUT UP WITH ALL THE SHIT YOU PEOPLE HAVE PUT HIM THROUGH,WHY HE WOULD WANT TO CONTINUE IS BEYOND ME.I have never seen such disgrace from people in my life,you call yourselves AMERICANS,I CALL YOU WORTHLESS UN AMERICAN WANT IT ALL FOR FREE SCUM BAGS.



  • Sunny
    Posted at 12:00h, 19 October Reply

    I don’t even need to write allot. All I’m going to say is, use common sense for God’s sake. This sorry ass president does not care about this country, he only cares about himself and his ego. He uses scare tactics and sits back and laughs as those of you who believe him lash out. He’s lied to you and is lying right now. Get a clue, it’s not about democrat or republican anymore, it’s about saving our county from a lunatic.

  • larry
    Posted at 01:19h, 19 October Reply

    Why can this President do what ever he wants from bribing another country for his gain and than giving his own resort a major conference. Why because his base and Republicans are brain washed and dumb. This guy should be in jail

  • jon eves
    Posted at 00:58h, 19 October Reply

    All im going to say, Is trump don’t care about nobody but his self, And how much money he can put in his pocket. Nothing more and nothing less!!!!! He is the joke of what use to be, the most important job in America. He has decreased and dopped the American people!!!!! a 3rd grader could do a better job.

  • Stacy LoCastro
    Posted at 00:57h, 19 October Reply

    He spews so much anger and rage all the time on the general media, chastising so manhe y other politicians so nobody can even work together. He “tweets” negativity about everything constantly or hatred about someone or something. He is dividing the parties more and this country more! He is an embarrassment for America to the rest of the world! We are like a bad TV show. YOU’RE FIRED!

  • Jojojanie
    Posted at 18:33h, 18 October Reply

    No. He won’t help and he can’t because he is not allowed.
    In the past month: I’ve been billed $900 for a fire truck, $1200 for an ambulance to come to my house and $8,000 for an ER stay for a family member. I do not have health insurance and can not get it right now. I moved states and long story short the open enrollment period does not begin until Nov.1. The other responsible party now also owes another $5,000+ plus hospital bill and about $15,000 on a different hospital bill that can’t be paid back yet but is stuck with the bill in the entirety also because of not having insurance.
    There is no way I can pay for this. Everything is getting way more expensive too. I went into the pet store to get my dog a bone and the dang thing cost $8 for a doggie chew bone! (I didn’t buy it!) Prices are out the roof and sky-high and $15 an hour wage is just the new $5 an hour. It isn’t going to do anything or fix the situation. Houses and apartments are too much, as our society is out of control and greedy. Money doesn’t buy jack squat anymore. Food and gas prices are ridiculous too. I can’t rouse myself to feel patriotic for my country at all and it is a shame since I still have the Washington Post March memorized from high school! In fact, I don’t much care for anyone anymore either. Trump is not helping because he can’t. The wealthiest people are busy creating the laws of the land to favor themselves and inducing mass suffering in the meantime. Oh, and we don’t get diddly-doo for our taxes neither.

  • Charles Baca MSgt USAF (ret)
    Posted at 18:25h, 18 October Reply

    donald bone spurs trump will go into the history books as the most inept crook this country has seen since Nixon. Inept, voracious liar, petulant, racist, and lazy. It appears these are his best qualities. He has divided this country like I have never seen in my 50 years. Americans have woken up and as what happened in the midterms, true Patriots will vote this 5 time draft dodging coward out of the peoples house. I am a 18 year disabled combat veteran (Desert Storm 1991, OIF/OEF 2006) I was a voting Republican for most of my life, however, its obvious that voting for a patented IDIOT in the name of party loyalty is why this country has fallen in the eyes of the world. trump has proven to most that not only can he not execute the duties of a president but how he uses the office as a mafia boss to enrich himself and his family. My entire family and friends have become voting Democrats…

  • Ben
    Posted at 04:51h, 18 October Reply

    He’s an idiot and not a politician and should be in jail.

  • Erwin DeMarino
    Posted at 02:38h, 18 October Reply

    anybody that likes trump or not..its so dam clear if you have your own mind to see and hear what a bunch of hypocrites theses democrates are .and how can’t any of the democrats supporters see how cnn and the rest of theses fake news medias don’t report any news on how Biden and the rest of theses hypocrites have been caught doing so all the dem’s supporters can see and hear what liars they really are????

  • Laura
    Posted at 02:01h, 18 October Reply

    I meant WAY instead of where are you in my comment sorry my phone is stuck on where are you when I type way. Thanks and remember, If you truly care about the real facts and care about America and it’s economy, vote Trump! He’s getting it done and he’s draining the swamp of corruption! So sad to really see but thank God there’s still people who care and want to make and keep America the nation we worked so hard to be! Peace peeps!

  • Laura and Kevin
    Posted at 01:54h, 18 October Reply

    YES! Please find out the honest truth in how this NON POLITICIAN has truly truly put America and AMERICANS first. Our lives, financial problems and our national safety for starters! I “WAS” a registered Democrat for over 20+ years until I realized registered as non affiliated right before the 2016 presidential election! So much dirt and lies are being fed by google, cnn “I used to watch” TRUMP is truly , truly a stronger man then most to be able to put up with these crazies! Make me embarrassed for them. I truly wish more real journalism happened today! I’m a 48 ur old female from dc area. And will be voting for TRUMP 2020 by the way, I voted for Obama… he won’t back Biden think about that.we need someone like trump. GOD yes GOD bless America and Also the more these “social justice progressives”bash kindness values and churches and schools etc,,, I will not affiliate with my grass root Democrats! I’m Libertarian more so with conservative value when it comes to inside my heart and home. We all are if you love and take care of your family pay your bills believe in God. And want the best for your country. Your conservative, I Promise! Peace ✌️ and love and GOD BLESS AMERICA! And KEEP GOD in your life some please! Evil and satan “and I’m no bible slapper I don’t even go to church!” Want and love all this talk and stuff about hating on churches and taking God out of where are you of Lives etc,, it’s apparent every day, Donald Trump maybe annoying sometimes 🤷🏻‍♀️,,, ok BUT he’s kicking economic ass and he cares about our military and he’s protecting our borders.. and jobs and economy. And most of all he’s sooo NOT a BIG ,DIRTY ,CROOKED ,FAKE MONEY GRUBBING ,LYING, WAR MONGERING, peace of crap that could destroy this country. Please wake up I DID it’s COMMON sense just pure common sense… TRUMP 2020!

  • Alexander
    Posted at 22:30h, 17 October Reply

    Can we not just take responsibility for ourselves and not blame people for our misfortune, because it starts with waking up everyday and being happy with what we do. If your not happy I know its much easier to blame others but thats just a way out…. in other words, if you have the time to be pissed about someone you dont personally know, maybe you should get your own life together and not blame others for what they want to do? This is just one big game of left vs. right and whats so funny about it is that the media has you all riled up about someone that if you had met and found he was a good man you would see that someone is paying for all these ads to control your opinion. Where you live is a big factor on what you believe right? because you just want to fit in, just be in control of your own mind thats all I want to get across to you guys because I dont think you should be controlled by anyone.

  • Cody
    Posted at 20:25h, 17 October Reply

    Absolutely not!!!!

    He’s the worst president in the history of the United States!

    Perhaps there are some good things he has done in office. But the polarization he has caused in our beloved country is a travesty.

    Also the way he treats other people is disgusting. He simply has no respect for others. He recently mocked the Speaker of the House on Social Media!! He is constantly using Social Media as a personal platform for berate people from all different cultures, races and genders.

    Lastly, he is clearly responsible for colluding with Russia to interfere with the US Presidential election. He fired over 30 cabinet members to cover up his scandal.

    Now he is colluding with Russia again to support their efforts against Ukraine. It seems like his finally facing his justified impeachment in the near future. And it appears he will soon either resign or be impeached.

    He is simply a disgrace as a president, role model and…. we’ll just as a person.

  • George S. Carpentier
    Posted at 22:54h, 16 October Reply

    A good or even great economy should not be the most admirable quality of any Presudent, nor should. it be presumed to be the standard bearer of a nation’s greatness. We should have and need to have ETHICAL leadership with men and women of CONSCIENCE and MORALITY. Our current President has not exemplified these qualities
    but has, in point if fact, repudiated and rejected them by his demogogic
    rantings and ravings. He has sys-
    tematically DIVIDED Americans, one
    group from another by his venomous
    and purely partisan diatribes since
    even before becoming President. One would have thought that, once
    actually becoming President, he would greatly tone down and signifi-
    cantly modify his bombastic rhetoric,
    if only BECAUSE he won, which he
    seems pathologically compelled to
    keep reminding us of, as if trying to
    convince himself of it. It has become
    gradually but increasingly clear that
    the President really believes that he
    is somehow immune to the disciplines of civil and Constitutional
    law simply because he is President,
    a condition that must not be allowed
    to happen because we still are, in
    fact and in practice, a DEMOCRATIC
    and CONSTITUTIONAL Republic.
    God forbid that any one man, regardless of party, should believe
    himself to be above the dusciplines
    of the very laws he has sworn to
    “Preserve, protect and defend.”

  • Joan Hamm
    Posted at 19:55h, 16 October Reply


  • Jason Miller
    Posted at 19:17h, 16 October Reply

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Isaac
    Posted at 18:37h, 16 October Reply

    I am a student at a California University and would like to point out your flaws in your argument. There were many, many flaws. Before I start, I would like to say that I am not the most educated when it comes to politics, but I am here because I am making an honest attempt to learn. However, it has become extremely difficult to find the truth behind such strong opinions. So let me diagnose your argument and tell you exactly what is wrong with it. First, you claim that another individual who’s comment is above stated that all DUI issues are related to illegal aliens. Wrong, that individual did not say ALL, they provided figures with a $ amount to validate their point. You slammed it with ignorance. Secondly, you claim that having more jobs than people does not matter. I think a 5 year old could understand how stupid that statement sounds. More jobs, more money in the pockets of people=more money spent=more taxes paid. Simple. Third, you claim that this individual is mad about an illegal alien taking a potential job from him/her as a legal citizen, but we don’t have enough houses to provide people with. The slightest bit of economic intelligence would allow you to understand that the entire housing market is directly related to the United States economy as it follows the business cycle. When the economy tanks, less houses are going to be built. Simple. Lastly, you claim that “the wall” would trap legal citizens in the United States. To that I ask, how does that negatively affect you? If it does, then leave and don’t come back until we get a new President who decides to take down the wall.
    I have read many comments on this thread. I am in no means a political expert in the slightest. I wish to show zero opinion that leads to any specific political party or person. I only wish for people like you, Makenna, to use your brain, not your heart/twitter to derive information about our country. I know very little about politics, but reading your comment actually killed several of my brain cells. I apologize in advance if I said anything that is incorrect. I just wish to correct a moronic response that actually aggravated me. Thanks.

  • Beau
    Posted at 16:43h, 16 October Reply

    Attempting to comment on a liberal’s/Trump hater’s logic is like responding to the gibberish of a two-year-old.

  • pissedoffveteran
    Posted at 16:18h, 16 October Reply

    I keep seeing shit like you just posted here but when I ask I never get an answer.
    Show me just one like. Really just one.

    When I see crap like this I have to wonder. I really do have to wonder if you and those like you have an IQ high enough to even know how to spell IQ.
    I bet you have to ask what the number is if someone tells you to call 911!

  • Ian
    Posted at 11:10h, 16 October Reply

    There is no legal, moral, or otherwise reasoning for impeachment if president Donald Trump. All of the morons on this site who believe otherwise should take a course in politics, before you comment, because your comments are full of holes
    And foolishness. First find out who, as in titles, and names belong to those who are in the cabinet of the P.O.T.U.S. For a non politition, Trump isn’t doing bad at all. Bit because of any accomplishments made by the efforts of Obama.. What, Obama care? What is that? It is your right to disagree with Trump. However, you are an overrated moron, if you believe Donald Trump should be impeached. Let me ask, what laws has Obama broken to warrant an impeachment. Of you don’t know. Thank you for honest. However, those of you who are blind, and your reasoning distorted and shallow, before you leave civviesuneducated comments, such as: because he’s bad. Or, he’s dumb, please educate yourselves on proper actual,paintings and other pro Trump and truths. Morons. Why should Trump be impeached? What proof? Under whose opinion? Because he should be impeached isn’t a proper. Give me bingo ok ., and other proof. You do not have anything real. Proofs what you have or shot .

  • Alvin Hackett
    Posted at 06:20h, 16 October Reply

    I do not fully agree with energy independence. The country that has oil when others do not has a better chance at governance. next:the swamp in bed with other self servers rely on the ignorance of the mob need open borders to continue a state of economy by having a continued supply of government dependent workers that will have less hope than the current middle class. The United States is predictably at roads end if we do not have another civil war. The radicals will not go way even if our president is reelected. These people whom i disagree with will and have shown they are dangerous. If reelected they will continue to hamper this government. As in 1850 we are in the mix of another 1860.They continue too bastard our history. Each generation loses the understanding of freedom. Because they have no skin in the game, they take it for granted. Those radical have shown they are a criminal as Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin. And avoidance of capitalism ends competition. I hope there are enough patriots left to end this insurrection. Making war a crime and sharing resources is childlike thinking. It means reducing population to a working number. And how do you thing these selfish aristocrats will accomplish that. Automation reduces the need for people. For example if you do not eat beef why raise cattle. If you do not need people why raise children, and that will likely be yours not theirs. The resolution of forces in mathematics examples what they likely will accomplish. Ending civics, ending the draft, bring in millions of non citizens that will have no purpose do to automation all examples of the end game they likely expect. Temporally on the dole and eventually culling the number because why feed a population that has become redundant? Mc Donalds has automation than can flip a burger in 18 seconds. cars will only do that which it is programmed. All occupations that do predictable tasks may be automated, South Korea will sell robots do do menial work will end even more workers. blue prints rolling out at fifty inches a minute was accomplished long ago reducing skill workers. Cash will be eliminated so few can supplant that by barter. Meanwhile they will supply us with a stipend just to make us think communism works and that will be temporary,

  • c sieh
    Posted at 06:08h, 16 October Reply

    FUCK NO does anyone? I hope not! he is despicable! He is a racist,lying,cheating,cruel to immigrants(who do not take anyones job because the Americans wouldn’t do the jobs the Hispanics do, only racist say that they take jobs away which is a crock) I know first hand!!!! He is ruining this country. He is self serving, greedy, lying, stupid,delusional,demented,not equipped in any possible way to do anything but ruin cheat and steal! He needs to be impeached then be put in prison. He is evil!!!! Worst President ever. Shameful creepy puke!!!!!He is a snake!!!! I cant imagine ever saying this about a President but he is a big dumb fuck. He does not deserve this and am floored by this. He is going to go down in history as the biggest embarrassment and worst President ever. Nothing good to say about the scumbag.

  • pissedoffveteran
    Posted at 04:27h, 16 October Reply

    So where were you when they handed out brains.
    Behind the door pleasuring yourself. You were so hot and heavy at it you thought they said Trains and you didin’t want one.
    If ever someone said something that clearly pointed out that they/you are an idiot you just did a great job.
    I keep hearing useful idiots like you say this shit.
    Yet no matter how I’ve tried, I can’t find a damned one of you than can give me a single example of what you say is true.
    Example, He lies. OK give me just one example with facts to support it. Just one!
    You brainless idiot!

  • myra tabatabaee
    Posted at 01:14h, 16 October Reply

    We need more Trump and less bullshit politicians.

  • Dominique Crawford
    Posted at 00:15h, 16 October Reply

    It’s so hard to learn the truth when everything I read or hear is so bipolar. Trump is great for the economy….Trump is horrible for the economy….he’s a racist…he hires gay, black, women….he’s a narcissist….he loves America….for the love of GOD can someone please post true, accurate, unemotional facts so people like me…independent, fiscally conservative, socially liberal…..I want to make an informed choice. But, with all this name-calling and lying on both sides, I am stumped. However, with that said, not ONE Democrat has impressed me in the LEAST – so, thank you, fellow Americans for creating a confusing and nasty environment because I thought we were all rooting for the same country. I haven’t seen this much hate since my 8th grade football team was playing our rivals for the Championship in my little backwoods town

  • Steven Peterson
    Posted at 22:58h, 15 October Reply

    If by helping America you mean his family? Hell yes! If you mean helping America by cutting taxes to himself and all the rich, hell yes! If you think he cares about the working class you are watching Fox News!

  • Gerald harbin
    Posted at 22:57h, 15 October Reply

    Why do these stupid ass Americans want to be social in this country why not just tell all the fucking bad guys to come on over stupid ass ppl this is our young and college kids full of shit eaters they are they’ll believe anything u tell them if it’ll help them get what they think they want I’m a Trump man and if u don’t like it Fuck you and the rest of the world Stupid Ass Ppl

  • Paco
    Posted at 16:51h, 15 October Reply

    The idiot who starts insulting calls donald trumo a bad president, you probably dont even know what president means you all just complain about the wall but its necesary thousands of mexicans cross the border just to transport drugs, in my opinion he did nothing bad i mean OBAMA WAS ALREADY BUILDING THE WALL

  • Tiffany
    Posted at 13:17h, 15 October Reply

    Trump hasnt supported the poor and we try hard. If wasnt for poor people there wouldnt be grocery stores targets, dollar stores, restaurants, or many others. Employees cant make enough to afford anything except housing and if lucky the utilities. They also get fired easiest for being sick with flue and one dont get trips not even small. They cant afford clothes or dishes or dood. Government makes so cant evwn afford full meak per person in your meal with tiny amount they give you on ebt (food assistance) food shelves alot them are ending. Then with poor fired means no one accepts you. Poor get treated like hell in government places. We dont get diagnosed properly nor get social security. My family sits here with health issues docters dont want diagnose when see on MA which MA doesnt provide full benefits and is sexist ( men are getting worse benefits than woman.l Lately since trump been in lost more help which hardly had any so now i eat less so kids have food oh kids drop alot and break things so we have have more freight. Never less housing hard find for low income since most housing cost months pay check. We dont get loans to buy as easy usualy not at all ( oh that job wont ever keep a house they say). Our people get blamed for things we dont do. We cant aford our kids to get to required school ( or parent are put in jail). Never the less 8 hours tskes kids life away school shouldnt be in the way of kid being a kid. They get sent home to sit do homework. So no family time ps government took all family time away. Woman post get all home stuff done and only have to have outside. The house on extra time and if have energy due to being made weaker than the man. Bugs only invade poor because resources are not there. We poor that get lucky get into lowincome housing have be really crowded
    Our kids are told be without toys and kid stuff. Then social services tell you have have so many toys and kid stuff. Alots times theres no bathtub just shower poor kids. Left alone us women deserve a bath. Trump hasnt fixed any that and actualy got worse. Im not for republican or demacrat both sides got positives and negatives. We been trying get house for 7 years and our oldest is bullied at school which doesnt fix the problem till hurt too far. Hes had hell life now also are 3 year old doesnt know different than its a trip er crowded no snacks poor life. More yelling in poor. Families. My dream since was preschool was have family and house where around enjoy it and enough food feed all us and clothes. I would stay home and side sometimes babysit. All of simple suppose be able have in life stuff but only got family part and poor always have fight harder keep their family one social services use low income against you to keep your kids. We should have happy life too. Us poor deserve as much if not now more than high income since we live through hell treated like hell from higher income people. I want space to cook meals i want table for family eat at (space for it) i want afford enough to buy the food to make a full l and we deserve dessert and snacks. Im pregnant with our third and beforr our third is born a house enough room for comfort living would be nice. We dont want a crib they are worthless since playpens more handy one thing that some forgrant that our rich simple things and family. Maybe our 6 year old will get play on swingset maybe not but earns room and yard to play in. I earn cooking space and area have my stuff. This why poor stare at walls sit do nothing when at home no way do anything no room no money to run around. Yes government some them missing family well make most important thing is family. Ps husband has small isues health trys have a job. I got many issues with health some not diagnosed. Our kids small things too. So Answer is NO to if trump helping cause down fall. At beginning he talked big and we believed in him but we saw worse happen. I know something got better due to trump but overall downwards. Would i say reelect… Convinceing and truth of words.

  • Jim Smith
    Posted at 11:48h, 15 October Reply

    Unemployment may be down but the devastate is up violence is up and the wall it’s not gonna stop corruption and drugs there’s too much money and drugs they’ll never stop it too many people on the take . Face it human nature is greed people are not happy no matter how much money they have they still want more and they don’t care if people die for it . The whole world has the same problem you’re either Filty rich or filthy poor and they don’t want no one in between and if you’re in between they take it from you every cent you make is taxed every time you make more they find ways that take it from you. The rich no all the loopholes . They have even caught US government officials with illegal immigrants working in their houses cleaning them talk about cheapskate greedy people . I know the United States might be the best country in the world but it still has way too many flaws do you wanna let more people into the country so what we can pay their unemployment when they don’t have jobs pay their medical bills and they don’t have it nobody pays mine and I’m disabled

  • John Sweet
    Posted at 20:06h, 14 October Reply

    I cannot scrape him off my shoe fast enough

  • John Sweet
    Posted at 20:05h, 14 October Reply

    I could not scrape him off my shoe fast enough

  • Scott Lee
    Posted at 19:31h, 14 October Reply

    Trump is much like every US President we have ever had, except two, Washington and Lincoln. These men were real Presidents. When main stream media became the standard in which we as Americans derive what we are told is truth, here-in lies the very deprivation of the American dream. We are allowing the media to blind us with half truths, outright misinformation, and prejudicial rubbish.

    It is very true the media prefers the blue side of America. However, is this OK? We are all free to believe what we will. Freedom “from” is not the same as freedom “of”. What’s “right” is defined by the morality of Law, and protected by the Constitution, not a President.

    Seems to me illegal aliens shouldn’t be in America at all, for one simple reason- they are breaking the law, simple enough. Illegal persons in any country have no specific rights to said countries bounties, why should they. I work with many Mexican people and most are hard working average people, but these persons are here LEGALLY, the one’s that refuse to gain legal status do so for a reasons most of us couldn’t understand. This does not matter, they are breaking the LAW.
    Lets all take a look at other countries around the world. None that I know of would allow this “invasion” to happen.

    But in most respects it’s the farmers and ranchers, textile and packing companies that have made this mess, and a huge mess it has become. Here is where the government needs to concentrate their efforts. Kinda like a stray critter you feed it and it will come back for more, don’t feed it, well I think you get my meaning here. After all why would Illegals come to America? For a better life, OK I’m good with that, do it legally. Has anyone ever met a poor Farmer, Rancher or large business owner? I have not.

    Build the wall, and then make farmers and ranchers, textile and packing companies pay for it. Sure they will raise prices, why? Easy they will have pay REAL wages for the workers, then yes many Americans would do said work. Trump is right on this.

    As for the Syria problem I have no Idea what this idiot move is about.

  • Kathy Brensinger
    Posted at 18:36h, 14 October Reply

    Donald Trump is the worse president we have evee had! Now in top of everything else he has thrown our allies the Kurds under the bus and thrown the Middle East into a state of chaos. He has fired or people have resigned in his administration so there’s nobody to tell him that he’s wrong. He doesn’t want snyone to tell him he’s wrong as in his narcistic statements he says he has alk this grandiose wisdom. He needs to go as soon as possible. He is a disgrace to our nation! He’s going tobe hell getting him out because I have a feeling he will rebuke the results of a free and fair election!!

  • Craig
    Posted at 17:30h, 14 October Reply

    Worst president ever. He’s a sexual predator, and a racist. He has no military sense, is committing crimes against humanity and is destroying this country. A better economy for the few means nothing if we allow a dictator to destroy our democracy. No I’m.not a Democrat and it’s time we Republicans wizened up and behaved like our intelligent predecessors with Nixon. It’s a shame how blind and ignorant our party has become. Like a herd of cows being led to pasture through a ring they’ve allowed to be put in their noses

  • Kenneth Wills
    Posted at 05:05h, 14 October Reply

    Yes, he is helping America cannabalize itself. As a veteran, I am simply appalled that this is what I defended.

  • Don Junior
    Posted at 04:08h, 14 October Reply

    He horrible and isn’t very nice. He doesn’t like dogs or children. He bullies, cheats and lies. He only cares about himself and little else. Bad for America and the World. No more of this crazy.

  • Grant a Blodgett
    Posted at 19:24h, 13 October Reply

    I think our president is doing the best he can. with the residents of others he stands strong! . I think that if he is for one to do what he thinks is great for us that things will let us continue! stop trying to put him down and let him do his job. instead of giving him a hard time! let him try instead of
    making hard for him! because you but has been hurt okay! do our country right and let him fix it okay!

  • Paul Diaz
    Posted at 12:08h, 08 October Reply

    America is in big trouble ever since this fucking jerk became POTUS and I do not understand how in the world he has people out there that support this big stupid cry baby. The people around him, if they were descent enough, they would tell this jerk that you are not normal and I don’t want to be around you anymore, you are a disgrace to human society. As a father if I ever acted like him around my children would break relations with me! That goes to show you that his family and freinds are all fucked up!
    I know there is no hope for this idiot, but I still wish him and his dumb supporters a WHOLE LOT OF UNDERSTANDING!!!!!

    • pissedoffveteran
      Posted at 16:24h, 16 October Reply

      I keep seeing shit like you just posted here but when I ask I never get an answer.
      WHAT LIES?
      Show me just one like. Really just one.

      When I see crap like this I have to wonder. I really do have to wonder if you and those like you have an IQ high enough to even know how to spell IQ.
      I bet you have to ask what the number is if someone tells you to call 911!

    • Lkay
      Posted at 02:10h, 18 October Reply

      Wake up. I did. Your being fed. I changed my whole affiliation because of this “cry baby” I voted for Obama for Christ sakes! Thank GOD there’s a man In The White House now that cares about America and our values. What he’s done “even with these crazy social justice God bashing, lying radical nimwhits on his back” is amazing. I go by truth reality and fact! I’m 48 from dc area, and will vote again for trump 2020! Anything or anyone else will back track us and get us into another recession. I LOVE America you should to! TRUMP 2020!

    • carmine gazerro
      Posted at 10:07h, 26 October Reply

      Your angry. He’s a great man. Nothing he does is wrong. Get over it we all talk this way. We don’t want PC. We want a disrupter. Jut think the lies Russia. 3 years. We need to hollow out this country and get USA 1st

  • Suzanne Ferrell
    Posted at 08:19h, 08 October Reply

    Of course, President Donald Trump has been good for this great Nation. He’s accomplished a lot for Americans and, no doubt, he would have accomplished much more by now had it not been for Democrats obstructing everything on his agenda. I find it funny that someone would claim he caused the division in this country. Democrats began calling him terrible names like racist, misogynist, etc and tried to connect him to groups like white supremacy and KKK before he was even elected, even by many of them who had never even met him and didn’t know what kind of person he is. They repeated these things until people began to believe them. They even disparaged his supporters and they encouraged their own supporters to treat them very harshly. Democrats drove a huge wedge of hate between the people of this country, the likes of which has never occurred in peacetime in our history. There is so much more in the way of false accusations, concocted investigations, etc. They obviously don’t care how much all their charades are effecting how other countries see the United States. President Trump has been treated worse than any President has. Regardless of what he’s been through, he has stayed focused on what needs to be done to help American businesses and American citizens thrive. In spite of how much Democrats have tried to find some way to remove him, he has accomplished a great deal to date. Now that it appears “the swamp” will begin being drained, I believe Democrats are so scared, they are really searching hard for a crime in order to impeach President Trump. That would be a shame because he is a true fighter for the America our Founding Fighters gave us. We will fight to make sure that doesn’t happen. United we stand.

  • Suzanne Ferrell
    Posted at 07:56h, 08 October Reply

    Of course, President Donald Trump has been good for this great Nation. He’s accomplished a lot for Americans and, no doubt, he would have accomplished much more by now had it not been for Democrats obstructing everything on his agenda. I find it funny that someone would claim he caused the division in this country. Democrats began calling him terrible names like racist, misogynist, etc and tried to connect him to groups like white supremacy and KKK before he was even elected, even by many of them who had never even met him and didn’t know what kind of person he is. They repeated these things until people began to believe them. They even said bad things about his supporters and encouraged their supporters to treat them very harshly. Democrats drove a huge wedge of hate between people in this country, the likes of which hasn’t never occurred in peacetime in our history. There is so much more in the way of false accusations, concocted investigations, etc. President Trump has been treated worse than any President has. Regardless of what he’s been through, he has stayed focused on what needs to be done to help American businesses and American citizens thrive. In spite of how much Democrats have tried to find some way to remove him, he has accomplished a great deal for America to date. Now that it appears “the swamp” will begin being drained, I believe Democrats are scared so they are really searching for a crime in order to impeach President Trump. That would be a shame because he is a true fighter for the America our Founding Fighters gave us. We will fight to make sure that doesn’t happen. United we stand.

  • Johnny
    Posted at 01:23h, 08 October Reply

    I thought he was helping America until he basically has turned into Jimmy Carter – every evil, despotic regime’s best friend. It makes me sad the people who helped us defeat ISIS are getting bombed into oblivion by Turkey. It’s sickening, this is not the America I grew up in. This is early 19th century America. I am definitely a conservative but I’m not going to sacrifice all my values to support this man. It’s time for him to move aside and let Pence take over.

  • Anita
    Posted at 18:19h, 07 October Reply

    Trump is destroying America from within. He has ZERO credibility for foreign policy and complete disregard for our military. This latest ordeal of pulling troops out of Syria will result in our allies losing trust.

    He openly coddles and cozies up to this nation’s most fierce enemies, and has exposed our great Nation to vulnerabilities that will manifest tenfold.

    Damage continues to be done daily, at lightening speed. If something is not done immediately, this country will implode.

    Strength of a Nation comes in forming coalitions with great allies, and also is reciprocated.

    This is not about Republicans, it’s not about Democrats, it’s not about Liberals. The time has come to stand up as a Nation and say enough is enough!!!

    • Brad
      Posted at 06:05h, 23 October Reply

      Nicely said. Clearly, Trump is on Team Putin. As, it seems, are about half the posters on this site, and of those how many are actually Russian bots? The others, just brain dead followers.

  • Aaron
    Posted at 06:50h, 07 October Reply

    Everyone thinks all this recent news is “fake” because he SAYS it’s fake. The dude can make himself look bad all on his own and why people still defend him is by one me. Dudes a narcissist and a moron.

  • Aaron
    Posted at 06:44h, 07 October Reply

    This large separation between Dems and Reps started when this man became president. He has started a war between the people, don’t say he hasnt (I’m talking to you “reps”) POTUS is a fucking moron. My neighbor 3 doors down is more competent. Trump is the root to all the current problems in our nation today, he’s the root for all the fighting and argument. Dude needs to go. When will y’all realize we are better off, luckily Hillary won’t be running again so the fight should be obvious. This isn’t about your political opinion, it’s about what’s best for the people. This includes the health of the public and our children’s future.

  • mr fixit
    Posted at 06:24h, 07 October Reply

    This is the most ridiculous comment I ever have seen. Americans are WHITE, just like FRENCH are WHITE. This is our country. Anyone else in it will never be American they will ALWAYS be Something-Amercan. Just like they can never be French. Just like Chinese can never be Japanese. Immigrants have overrun a country which used to be 99% white. There is nothing wrong with immigrants but they should not be able to take over the hosts country. Do you think it would be normal for muslims to override the French population and then France have no French people left? Ridiculous. There must be a limit.

    • c sieh
      Posted at 06:12h, 16 October Reply

      You whatever mr.fixit are a racist fuck. This whole country is immigrants! Get off your fucking high horse. You are the problem with this country.You are ignorant!

    • Charles Baca MSgt USAF (ret)
      Posted at 18:32h, 18 October Reply

      You are a moron… question, are your parents as stupid as you? Or did you have a brain injury? Immigrants built this country you pathetic excuse for a man. I’m Native American and a disabled combat veteran. Did you serve? Probably not… cowards and idiots usually dont find themselves serving the country. Remember, you are the immigrant, I am a real American.

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