Do you support President Donald Trump’s impeachment?

Do you support President Donald Trump’s impeachment?

“There is a growing debate over the impeachment of President Donald Trump triggered by a whistleblower’s complaint about a July call where Trump prodded Ukraine’s president to dig up dirt on his Democratic rival Joe Biden. Proponents of the impeachment believe that this is unethical dirty politics and shakes the very foundation of democracy. However, people who oppose the impeachment think this is just a deliberate act to tarnish Trump’s image.
What do you think? Do you think President Trump deserves to be impeached?”

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Vote for change.

  • Do you support President Donald Trump’s impeachment?

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  • Yhoalisbet
    Posted at 12:46h, 20 May Reply

    I might be 15, but i know for sure that i hate Donald Trump.You know how they say presidents are not supposed to leave the white house,well he did it any way.And would you believe he really touched his own daughters butt.He is a real Perv For real.

    Posted at 10:03h, 24 March Reply

    No i do not support any impeachments for Mr Trump.

  • Robert Mitchell
    Posted at 16:37h, 27 February Reply

    Trump, in my opinion, should be fully transparent before being placed on the ballot. I also believe that to become President it should be by popular vote. These are two issues that need to be corrected within the Constitution. Obama was for the people of America and Trump is for Trump. The economy is the one issue that he has been judged on by his supporters, everything else has been ignored. Trump has done more damage to America, than help America. Since Trump took office we have seen growing hate
    arise, dividing America. Mitch McConnell’s Impeachment schedule and commands, created blocking the
    Senate to vote a “No Witness Trial” that contained testimonies from within Trump’s Party. I’m sick of
    “Fox News” that completely supports Trump lies and destroys Obama’s image of a real President…

  • Daniel
    Posted at 04:51h, 25 February Reply

    President Trump Acquitted. I would ask you how the crow tastes, but the main course comes with his reelection. Save your appetite. 4 More years of Trump to swallow; traitors.

  • Dan Lucero
    Posted at 23:50h, 02 February Reply

    Wonder who cared what they were “saying” after page 106 of a high school quality essay reading by Democrats. Some of them better start to swim or fake it till they swallow water.

  • JCB
    Posted at 19:29h, 02 February Reply

    Ray, would you mind if I share what you’ve posted here? You make some VERY SOLID points and I think it would be healthy for many others to read this! Thank you.

  • William Koyiades
    Posted at 19:53h, 30 January Reply

    House demorats have taken position to take power away from the President now and in the future. This has nothing to do with President Trump. Radicals on the left are against the Constitution of the United States and want it changed.

    Keep up the good fight President Trump. And you will win for the United States.

  • David
    Posted at 16:38h, 28 January Reply

    He has not done anything but help rebuild what others have destroyed. This has been another waste of tax-payer money!

  • Jason Moon
    Posted at 02:37h, 22 January Reply

    In Search of Sixty-Seven Heroes: An open letter to the US Senate from a combat veteran.

    Friends, these are frightening times. The fate of the free world hangs in the balance of our Senate. Just days after the entire Russian government resigned in mass to make way for a dictator, a full fifty-three percent of our Senate followed suit by refusing to view evidence or hear testimony pertaining to crimes against our President. Trump broke the law, as was confirmed by our own government. Trump has, and will continue to, obstructed justice in every conceivable way possible. These are, and have always been, high crimes and misdemeanors. This is self-evident, much like our freedoms, bestowed as our birthright, and protected by our constitution.

    In that very constitution are written a myriad of rules, all designed to prevent exactly what Trump is doing and has done. The only real thing to argue now is the question of if 67 Senators will allow it to go unpunished. If they do, our entire nation takes a giant step in the direction of our Russian neighbors. Make no mistake; this is a cliff, which we may never return from. Our Forefathers, for saw this moment, and equipped us with the tools to prevent it. You are the instrument they imagined, yet the entire nation stands with great trepidation, worried you may not fit their mold.

    As a United States Veteran of the Invasion of Iraq (03-04), I have offered my life in defense of this, our great Democracy. Approximately 1,196,557‬ died doing our Democracy. Many in the senate have already shown their true colors, and my friends, they were not the Red, White, and Blue. Yet the entire fate of our nation rests on the shoulders of just 67 Senators. Ours was a fight with blood; yours is a fight with ink. Yet, the outcome of the later may very well negate the sacrifice of the former. This has many of our great nations Warriors very troubled.

    Senators, does their stand among you Sixty-Seven Heroes? If so, rise now my brothers, rise now my sisters. Please, I beg of you, defend your Democracy, even if at the peril of your own re-election. Stand and make your mark in the annals of our nation’s greatest heroes. Greatness is not created, it is thrust upon you, as the decision you now face has been. Remember that, often, the most heroic decisions ever made, required only a few brief moments of unflinching courage. The entire nation is watching. The entire world is watching. History will remember your actions. Now is your moment! The fate of the free world resides in your pen! I was willing to die for your freedom, please, stand now to protect mine.

    Jason Moon
    Iraq 2003-2004

  • L. Manning
    Posted at 01:52h, 11 January Reply

    If you’re commenting on this site, my understanding is that you were in the Military. It’s chilling to hear those condemning President Trump for merely asking the Ukranian President Zelensky about Joe & Hunter Biden’s involvement in the ‘Quid Pro Quo’ scheme. Especially with the knowledge that President Zelensky got elected on his ‘No More Corruption’ platform. He had already been informed and involved in discovering the depths of the Bidens corruption.

    There are some who want to condemn, impeach and remove President Trump for discussing this topic. One person even wrote that, ‘…other Presidents have been impeached for far less..’ (There have only been 2 Presidents impeached…Andrew Johnson & Bill Clinton, both Democrats). Let’s take a look at history.

    Andrew Johnson was impeached because he quickly removed Secretary of War Edwin Stanton from office, which members of Congress claimed to be a violation of the 1867 Tenure of Office Act. But the REAL REASON was he was unpopular because, like Lincoln, he did not want to punish the defeated southern states, but rather to take them back into the union as seamlessly as possible. Senate voted 35 Guilty, 19 Not Guilty…it would have taken 36 votes to convict and remove the sitting President.

    Bill Clinton was impeached for PERJURY and OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE. He was impeached by the House on December 19, 1998, for misleading a grand jury about his extramarital affair with Lewinsky in the White House, and then persuading others to lie about it, too. Some believe the REAL REASON is that many were fed up with the continuing non-stop scandals and investigations involving Bill Clinton…Whitewater, Travelgate, Vince Foster’s Death, Paula Jones, Monica Lewisky, Filegate, etc. Although considered a popular President, the Senate Voted 55 (Not Guilty) to a 45 (Guilty) vote. 67 (2/3rds) is needed to oust a President.

    President Trumps impeachment was a Partisan Act by the Democrats. As a matter or true fact, all the Republicans in the House plus 3 Democrats voted AGAINST Impeachment. There have been no ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ committed and no evidence proving such. ‘Hearsay’ and ‘Partisan Dislike’ are not considered evidence of ‘High Crimes and Misdemeanors’. All reasonable people are convinced the Senate will dismiss or certainly find President Trump NOT GUILTY.

  • Mark
    Posted at 23:29h, 09 January Reply

    Trump has: 1) committed treason, 2) obstruction of justice, 3) tampered with witnesses, 4) withheld documents he is legally supposed to turn over to comply with Congressional subpoenas, 5) engaged the the military in action without informing Congress, 6) has committed 25 million dollars worth of fraud via his “university”, 7) created a charity which raised over 2 million for veterans then pocketed that money, 8) been sued in civil court by over 250 people who have done work for him and have not been paid, 9) cheated everyone he’s ever been in business with, 10) has cheated on every wife he’s ever had, 11) he lies about nearly everything, and 12) admitted to committing sexual sexual assault on Twitter and is subsequently being sued by at least 10 different women.

    If you are a trump bot and believe that: a) none of this matters, b) don’t believe that trump is accountable to Congress, the Constitution, or the American people, then congratulations you’re just as morally vacant, utterly lost, and severe threat to our national security as the deranged, orange, mentally unstable, walking talking fecal show currently occupying the White House.

  • Anthony Grimm
    Posted at 06:43h, 06 January Reply

    No I do not. As the facts have shown officials from the Obama administration where using foreign countries to trash Trump as a candidate in 2016 besides when Joe Biden was vice president he used his position to get his son with an oil company in Ukraine to benefit his son for a position he was not qualified for.

    • Mark
      Posted at 23:42h, 09 January Reply

      Trump’s daughter and son-in-law work in the White House. Rudy Guiliana son works at the White House. AG Barr’s son-in-law works in the trump White House. AG Barr’s daughter works at the US Treasury. Ivanka Trump uses her position at the White House to obtain patents in China and get money from the Saudis. But please, DO go on about Joe Biden.

  • William Andrew Long Sr.
    Posted at 16:31h, 03 January Reply

    An attempt by jealous people that seemed to have forgotten about Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Russia scandal. Visible piles of destroyed evidence. Clearly impeachable acts for a sitting Senator. What happened to her. She should be the one dancing at the gallows.

    • Mark
      Posted at 23:34h, 09 January Reply

      Two points: 1) Obama’s administration turned over all relevant documents relating to Hillary, and 2) Hillary sat before Congressional Republicans and testified under oath for 11 hours about her emails, Benghazi, etc.

      And I’m curious as to why you think that trump’s rampant criminality is somehow Hillary’s or Obama’s fault?

  • Gary L Traylor
    Posted at 20:04h, 17 December Reply

    If you think it’s OK to seek help from Foreign Governments in our election, then you can never trust our election 🗳 because your vote means nothing. Of course Trump did it and of course he should be Impeached!

  • TN Pepito
    Posted at 00:19h, 13 December Reply

    Anyone with half a brain knows that there is no FACTUAL (not hearsay or so called expert opinions) evidence to support impeachment. This has been going on for three years and began the day he got elected. I will be damned if some Trump hating bureaucrat who has wasted millions of taxpayer dollars try to take away my vote get away with it. They need to go back and work for the American People and not their party affiliation and the media. Trump has proven that over the past three years how useless Congress is. Isn’t that what they call a group of Monkeys?

  • Leonard E Johnson
    Posted at 16:47h, 12 December Reply

    This world is govern by spirituals beings, Angelic and demonic; depending on your exposure and beliefs, is what conclusion you will draw from the debate of what was said in Trump’s communication transcript.
    A spiritual war is the forefront of this demonic systems. So we will see if fairness prevails.

  • Cin D
    Posted at 00:24h, 11 December Reply

    Both my parents were veterans, as is my son. Let’s get rid of a leader who ignores military law and acts like a king, instead of the president of the USA! Not like the commander in chief. He ignores too many experts for our environment, our military, our laws, our basic values as Americans and is a racist, just like the Nazis my Army parents fought against in WW2. He also twists facts with lies. Impeach him for his corruption!

  • John
    Posted at 00:13h, 11 December Reply

    I still love this country. I want each of us to do some soul searching. Stop feeling judged and stuff. Just find out who oneself is ya know? Like “Am I a racist?” but ya know in private. Not “out o the woodwork” with one’s wandering possibly racist, mysoginist, etc. thoughts. Just ya know, like how it used to be. When (not that long ago) I didn’t have to hear Jim Crow era perspectives or read about how being ethical is uncool to “maga-folk”. I know some of the most southern rough necks around and they got no comment about the trumpster on the street, but pop around the web, and russian bots find their way…

    I have so many unanswered questions about the election of 2016 to today’s headlines. Dont’ get me wrong left-right, there are answers, I don’t have to like the facts, but they are vetted and supported by the majority of every American folk.

    I’m trying to understand what a wanna-be-sycophant even is to his vassals, since he cries and wines about “derpshtate”, but pretends to be “America’s king”. Do kings normally cry and moan about toilet flushing? I thought they are too busy wasting taxpayer money to care… well I guess he is a lil like King George. Ya know, in a Red Coats are coming sorta way.

    World peace seemed possible once, now it seems like a pipe dream. If you are thinking Trump could be a great king “give him a chance”; ask yourself how trump’s actual business fared historically? Ya know before he scored bigly on tv. Cause ya know, flaunting monopoly money takes big-man brain. (i.e. all the reality trash seen since the writer’s union failed to strike and broadcasting f’d scripts).

    Last week Trump’s pall Putin’s Stassi credentials appeared again. Are they from his time in the russian gestapo? “Derpshtate” “Ferk nerws” – trump says.
    “Be best.” – says the former escort service ‘Lady.

    The Drumpf-to-Trump family has a long history of tax evasion here and in Germany.
    Start with The Drumpfs’ love of 1930-40’s Germany. The trymps tried to go back to the Reichland but the nazzys denied them entry for draft-dodging and tax evasion.
    When the family returned here they conspired for years building a criminal empire. Remember when the Trump international massage parlors got busted whoring? Yeah that wasn’t a new thing. They been doing that since prohibition.

    Fast forward. Now we have a king-pin-head surrounded by a “wall-of-meat” telling america to be like the nazzys again. Wunderbar. Absloodle.

  • Miss Wolf
    Posted at 15:31h, 10 December Reply

    Yes, there is no defense to what the President has done. Clear evidence of an almost mob mentality, in his interactions with Ukraine. Trying to manufacture anything on the Bidens, and going to Ukraine to do it, while holding up their military aid for months. In Trump’s whole life, he has tried to get away with anything and everything he could. I saw an article that said he has been sued about 5,000 times. Trump is brazenly pushing all the boundaries of the Presidency. Though Mueller documented plenty for Obstruction of Justice, nothing was done. Many of the President’s associates and personal friends, have mostly been indicted. President Trump is not loyal to anyone, as he watches everyone scramble, and continually push false narratives to confuse the Public, and try to defend him. It is a sad day in history, but a very necessary one. The President thrives on chaos, and his celebrity. His base is blinded by Trump’s charisma, of which he has plenty. Yes, there is a good economy, of which Obama started that. As far as jobs, there is no living wage here, where people are still making 8.00 an hour in the South, or working service industry, with no health insurance. Trump does not care if the average American has health care. He does not care for Climate Change, or the EPA. Or the shootings with assault weapons killing people. The tax cuts benefitted the very wealthy, not people with Middle Class or lower income. The Chinese Trade War really hurt US farmers.

    And Trump’s false and debunked narratives about Joe and Hunter Biden, well, how about Trump’s family, pretty much violating the Emoluments clause to make his properties money, and to gain trademarks around the world ? Ridiculous, his family is not being held up to scrutiny, or held accountable. Trump fears he cannot get elected without help (like he had from Russia), so of course he went to the Ukraine, and tried to hurt the Bidens. Shady, sneaky, corrupt, just like Trump never released his taxes. That was the number one reason I did not vote for Trump. Then his mouth, and divisiveness, and hate promoting rhetoric. Great role model for our kids and the next generation ! And my 3rd and final reason: he had no foreign diplomacy experience. And, he has made us weaker with the world, as he hands more power and prestige, and has secret meetings with Putin. He disrespects our allies and Nato. And acts like we do not need NATO !! Excuse me, we need our allies ! What he did to the Kurds, was absolutely horrific ! And he gave more power to Erdogan, and Putin, by abruptly leaving Turkey. That will cost America in the future, as Erdogan and Putin get chummier/ more powerful in that area. North Korea is laughing at him, and probably expanding their missiles. He broke the Iran deal, which basically most of his actions have promoted more nuclear proliferation. We are less safe than we were, as there is prediction ISIS may reorganize, due to Trump’s impulsive moves. So, I ask you, what good is a good economy, when Trump acts like he is in Putin’s pocket, and we are less safe, due to Trump’s actions?

    What irks me the most , is that other Presidents have been impeached for far less than what Trump has done. He is NOT ABOVE THE LAW ! This is not a dictatorship ! Though there are no perfect Politicians, Trump is self-motivated, and self-interested. His lust for power and lawlessness, has turned this country into one the World can no longer trust. Trump is a con artist of great proportions. The lies, and lies, and lies, never cease. It is evident that he is a Narcissist, but sprinkle in a bit of sociopathy in there, because he only cares for his family, and his very wealthy friends. The American people are pawns for him. And many are still hypnotized. I hope they are waking up ! Do not keep this impostor in the White House in 2020 ! There is one part of me that feels sorry for Trump, but, our country will breathe a collective sigh of relief, when he goes back to his businesses, and we gain a new leader that will bring back our honor, our dignity, and our safety as a nation. This is my first time commenting politically. I just could not hold it in anymore.

  • Jose COLON
    Posted at 17:55h, 09 December Reply

    he has done nothing wrong but make this country a better place

    Posted at 03:56h, 08 December Reply

    Lock him up. Lock him up.
    Comander-bone spur-in chief

  • Bruce
    Posted at 15:56h, 06 December Reply

    He’s not very diplomatic when it comes to world affairs, he makes fun of handicapped people, he thinks Colorado is a border state, he would like to grab my mother’s pussy, why? cause when your rich women don’t care,
    The only reason to impeach him would be if you were afraid he might get re-elected,

  • Lily S.
    Posted at 17:01h, 05 December Reply

    Rump is a disgrace to America and should have already been impeached. Narrow minded racists people do not see who Rump really is. They are cowards rallying behind a bully to put it simply.

  • thomas clayton chester iii
    Posted at 14:38h, 05 December Reply

    POTUS has one job.
    Take care of America.

  • Sharon
    Posted at 22:17h, 30 November Reply

    Trump is nothing but a huge bully and he reaks of EVIL! All he does is criticize those of us who are having a hard time either financially or socially. I’ve never seen a president with so much disdain for those who are not rich.

  • Josh
    Posted at 12:58h, 28 November Reply

    Do I believe he should be based upon the hearing so far? Yes. However, I do know that this is still all political in nature and will be handled as such in Washington. It will go to the Senate but they will never impeach him based upon facts. Having a biased branch of government is a bad thing and they will vote based upon their personal beliefs and not the facts. Basically what I’m saying is, is my thoughts in the matter don’t count for it’s politicians voting on this. Do I think he should be? Yes. Will it happen? No.

  • Wilfredo
    Posted at 15:37h, 25 November Reply

    Yes I do, there is to much evidence and witnesses. Showing he is over stepping his power. He needs to be removed but as we know that isn’t going to happen with the GOP in charge of the Congress

  • Anne E
    Posted at 19:28h, 20 November Reply

    To request a foreign government to investigate a US citizen (especially a political rival) is a violation of US Election laws and ethical principles. In addition, this president has done more to try and obstruct justice than even Nixon.

  • Kathy
    Posted at 16:59h, 20 November Reply

    Just another waste of taxpayers dollars while continuing to accomplish absolutely nothing for the people.

  • Caleb
    Posted at 04:55h, 19 November Reply

    Hey, That thing in the WH sure knew who he was pandering to when he called for his piglets. He called and they slithered out of the sewers and toilets, mainly from the degenerate “Red States”, those receptacles for Fascist Nationalists, White Nationalism, and the plethora of Neo-Trash, Racists, Bigots, and mainly the “used to be” Conservatives with their endless Hypocrisy to everything they claim of themselves and their degenerate platform. States that run RIFE with the bogus, flag waving phonies. Paper mache big mouths that belligerently declare their abundance of dedication to God and Country…. Holding hands with their on board cult of Context-Free, Self-Righteous dog and pony show of Christ-less reprobates that only show their propensity for lack of interest in following even the most basic teachings of the Christ. But they are all so quick to pronounce judgement upon the rest of America… Deny it, Phonies?? You are Liars and Lovers of Liars. Patriots and Christians you claim yet are a slovenly disgrace to both. Your hypocrisies show you tacking up Old Glory and the Bible both, right next to your toilets. Might as well…. Yet you crawl around the ankles of a filthy despot, whose criminality has become more apparent every time he opens his face, and being good little Fascist Nationalists.. (Yes, you are…) you just praise and protect and defend this perverse Liars Liar… It was told to the WORLD how your pig was not exhonerated of ANYTHING, yet you say he was…. Called out an untold amount of times for being the Lying filth he is, and you give him pass…. But Obama, Hillery, or or… (insert something here… idiots…) This thing should not be breathing the air of free Americans, on the other hand neither should those that defend him. The AMERICAN PEOPLE know him and his degenerate base for who and what they are, and will not allow them to be the voice over the AMERICAN PEOPLE… (Those you have spat on, and turned your Fascist backs on.) Unfit to even UNFOLD the Flag of this Nation of People.

  • james r Crockwell
    Posted at 20:14h, 06 November Reply

    I think there’s overwhelming evidence to show he must be impeached and when he is no longer president to take me to trial and to convict him!!

  • Janiel Norton
    Posted at 04:57h, 04 November Reply

    Of course not it is ridiculous!!!

    • Caleb
      Posted at 05:10h, 19 November Reply

      Of course not??? Lol… Well, the American People think way different than Trumps Fascist Nationalists. They would. They would…. They have claimed to be American Patriots, Christians (the Moral Compass of America), virtually the only ones that “Work” for a living, having denoted everyone else as thieves, lazy, living on SNAP programs, and the like. Murderers of Children, and oddly enough they like to add Racism, Bigotry, Hate, fear and Rumor mongering which has been their earmarks for over a century. Their history is replete with the very hings they like to drop in others laps. Deny it?? Liars!

  • Derreal Johnson
    Posted at 13:01h, 01 November Reply

    Impeachment for what? What is the crime? What has he done? The transcript is out there for everyone to read. Tell me, what did Trump say to the president of Ukraine in that phone conversation that is an impeachable offense. Think people, think!

    • Dominick kersey
      Posted at 04:10h, 11 November Reply

      Where’s the facts to show that he deserves to be impeached wait a second there are none

      • Robert Comer
        Posted at 22:33h, 08 December Reply

        No basis for Impeachment what so ever, the Democrats are wasting Tax payers money.

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