China Threatens Severe Consequences Over America’s Warship Actions

China Threatens Severe Consequences Over America’s Warship Actions

Amid the tension between China and the US, China has threatened severe consequences for US actions.

On Friday, the US Navy sailed a destroyer in the South China Sea. This was the second day in a row provoking Beijing to claim a breach of security and sovereignty.

China said its navy and air force had driven the American ship away on Thursday as the US sailed the USS Milius guided-missile destroyer close to the Paracel Islands. The US Navy refuted China’s allegation.

The US challenged rules from all three countries that need either warning or permission before a military vessel goes by on Friday by sailing the ship again close to the islands claimed by Taiwan, Vietnam, and China but occupied by China.

According to ministry spokeswoman Tan Kefei, “the act of the US military badly violated China’s sovereignty and security, severely broke international regulations, and is more unmistakable proof of the US pursuing navigation hegemony and militarizing the South China Sea.” “We earnestly demand that the US cease such provocative activities immediately, failing which it will suffer the high costs of unforeseen occurrences,” the statement reads.

He stated that China would take “all necessary steps” to safeguard its security without going into detail.

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