Political advertising on Social Media: How the big giants fixed the mess?

Political advertising on Social Media: How the big giants fixed the mess?

Political advertising on Social Media: How the big giants fixed the mess?

The growing influence of Social Media over people’s choice has become the central element of growing industries in the market. The advent is such that now Artificial intelligence has started to rule the world in several sectors. In the recent history of politics, we have witnessed the role of social media in influencing public votings. 

In the United States, the Communications Act limits broadcast stations from expelling ads from candidates for federal office once they have received advertising for that political race. However, this is not applicable to cable networks like CNN, or to social media web portals, where leading presidential competitors are paying millions to target voters in the run-up to the November 2020 election.

After this move, some leading social media channels have already started restricting and working on the filtration of the politically influenced Ads. 


Facebook exempts politicians from its third-party fact-checking program, allowing them to run ads with false claims. Facebook conducts fact-check activity on content that comes across from various political groups. The company also claims that it fact-checks politicians if they share previously debunked content and does not allow this content in ads.


We believe political message reach should be earned, not bought,” said Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey in a statement referring to the ban of political ads on Twitter. He further added, “this will include ads that reference a political candidate, party, election or legislation, among other limits.”


The popular Chinese video app with a vast user base, including U.S. teenagers, does not allow political advertising on the platform. 


LinkedIn, which is a Microsoft Corp’s social media channel, banned political ads recently. It defines political ads as a piece of content that includes “ads advocating for or against a particular candidate or ballot proposition or otherwise intended to influence an election outcome.”


Photo-sharing site Pinterest Inc also banned political campaign ads last year.

Opponents critic the move with a strong point and say that the banning of political ads on social media channels will hurt less well-known candidates.

This is concerning, and so an individual can not move on to something else without paying full attention to this matter. 

Let us hear your opinion on this issue: Should social media companies ban political advertising?

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  • B.
    Posted at 07:16h, 26 January Reply

    I believe Social Media Companies shouldn’t ban any ads. If they know it is a bold face lie and the political party pays for the ad that isn’t nor should it be the fault of social media if people are stupid and believe everything they hear why should it be there fault.. Whats next? Because, beauty products make bold face claims that are a lie all the time, such as “take 20 years off instantly with this eye cream”. “Have the longest eyelashes ever”, or even better yet penis pills that claim” it will be bigger and better” if you take them. I don’t know about you but I didn’t & still don’t want to pay a monthly membership fee to use Facebook or twitter, I already have to pay my prime membership, and they figured out how to charge me monthly for 5 other things that used to be included. I will deal will the ads. I know all of you wish you were above this, but would you pay for Facebook? Yes probably the human race would be way better off with all political party ads banned all around. But I believe in free speech.
    Besides would you even know who most of the candidates were without social media covering it. I know if it becomes OK to ban political next will be religion, then you too won’t be able to say what you want to say because someone somewhere will call it hate speech, or did that already happen?
    But most of all I do not believe Facebook or Twitter or any other social media platform will be the reason the human race decides to pull it’s arrogant blind head out of it’s butt. These we only meant to be entertainment platforms to share with like minded people you probably never intended to meet anyway, maybe to keep in touch with people you wouldn’t have otherwise. (this should tell you how important you should make anything on these platforms…you would be completely fine with out them.)
    People need to take responsibility for themselves. Not learn life lessons on twitter, It is not your responsibility to tell others how to behave, nor could any one solve the worlds problem by posting there.
    I stand by logic, it takes all kinds, we are all selfish, & I am 100% certain Facebook and google are the reason we are all getting dumber by the day.
    If we expect these people to monitor everything for us, we will have to pay $9.99 a month for a very stupid service. Then it can be Ad free at least for the 1st couple of months maybe even a year…
    You know maybe Common Sense is not available today, what about tomorrow, well doesn’t tomorrow just become today? oh, when wasn’t it available?
    Yep makes sense to blame Instagram and Facebook for the way your neighbor voted. Nobody could do that job with out f’*!@in’ it up in somebodies world.
    It is not for those running these company’s to decide who’s lies I want to believe…it’s america I get to choose..and if we choose badly wait 4 yrs 8 max and we get a do over…isn’t america great because of it being so free?

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