Ohio Lottery Offering $1 Million to 5 Vaccinated Citizens

COVID-19 cases in Ohio

Ohio Lottery Offering $1 Million to 5 Vaccinated Citizens

To increase the total number of administered vaccines in Ohio, Governor Mike DeWine has launched a vaccine lottery that will provide $1 million to five recipients of the COVID-19 vaccine. DeWine also stated that only those above 18 would be eligible to take part in this draw.

These five recipients will be announced every Wednesday for five weeks, starting May 26th. According to the reports, the lottery would be backed by coronavirus relief funds, provided by the federal government. The Governor also announced that the winners would be drawn from the Ohio Secretary of State’s publicly available voter registration database.

With 58.7% of American adults fully vaccinated, US President Joe Biden has announced his plan to vaccinate 70% of the adult population by July 4th. However, several health experts have noticed the decreasing rate of people getting vaccinated each week. This nationwide decline proves that Americans are still hesitant to receive the vaccine. To convince them, several giveaways like free beer, donuts, or cash prizes have been organized in different parts of the country.

In addition to providing $1 million to adults, this vaccine lottery is also available to children under 18. However, instead of the cash price, five students will be provided a four-year scholarship to Ohio’s state university. This scholarship will be covering tuition fees, room rent, and books.

Governor DeWine acknowledged that while some people might perceive this as a wastage of funds, he emphasized that the real waste is people losing their lives in a nation that is providing vaccines to everyone.

According to the reports, this announcement has come exactly three weeks before the mask mandates will be uplifted from the state. While announcing the end of these mandates, the Governor also talked about the declining COVID-19 cases in Ohio. He insisted that the vaccine is a tried and tested weapon to fight the pandemic and encouraged everyone to get vaccinated.



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