Veteran Speaks Out on How Afghan War Veterans Can seek Help

Veteran Speaks Out on How Afghan War Veterans Can seek Help

The images coming out from Afghanistan have been heartbreaking for veterans across the country to witness and even here at home in Central Texas.

"Of course, that was how it was going to happen the way we left. It was exactly what I expected; it was heartbreaking just watching everybody scramble to leave in desperation and fear," said veteran James Jensen. "It looks like an absolute failure in leadership and planning. It's just sad."


Jensen hasn't fully digested the news this week and said he's talked to just a few people over text that served there. He said there is anger and emotions are high for many.


The Veterans One Stop in Waco understands that pain and said they have already talked to many veterans questioning everything; some Vietnam veterans said it reminded them of the Fall of Saigon in 1975.


"I have had a couple of Vietnam veterans that have said this is Vietnam all over again," said Dr. Sue, a Clinical Program Manager for Veterans' Services at the Veteran One Stop in Waco. "This has triggered them the same way, 'Why did we even bother to go, why did we do this?'"


The Central Texas VA in Temple is helping produce a four-part blog series directed at Afghanistan veterans and how they can get help.