Veteran Health Risks are Emphasized by Biden in Texas

Veteran Health Risks are Emphasized by Biden in Texas

On Tuesday, President Biden paid a visit to Texas to draw attention to the dangers posed to service members of exposure to toxins in war zones, which can cause serious health problems like cancer like that that killed his son.

Biden addressed a group of veterans in Fort Worth, Texas, and advised them to come forward and let officials know what they need in terms of help and treatment.

He responded, "You seem to think you have no right to ask.". Our request is that you tell us exactly what you need. Do not be ashamed. It is something to be proud of. We owe you something."

The Vice President was accompanied by Veterans Affairs secretary Denis McDonough when he visited a veterans clinic, where he learned about services for vets and challenges they face.

A proposed rule was discussed in Biden's speech relating to certain rare cancers that are presumed to be related to military service. It's up to Congress to help vets who face those issues.

Beau Biden, the former Delaware attorney general who died from brain cancer in 2015, cited in his father's State of the Union address it was possible that he was exposed to burn pits while serving in Iraq. Beau Biden was the son of Senator Joe Biden.

Burn pits near bases were used by the U.S. military during the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to get rid of trash and waste, igniting them with jet fuel and spewing smoke and fumes that were difficult to avoid.

The latest initiative is not the only campaign that was prompted by Beau's illness. As part of the new "Cancer Moonshot" campaign, Biden revealed plans in February to reduce cancer death rates by half over the next 25 years.