Unemployment Among Veterans Reaches Lowest Level in Three Years

Unemployment Among Veterans Reaches Lowest Level in Three Years


The Labor Department says veteran unemployment reached its lowest level in three years in March.

A number of organizations are seeking to hire veterans, and they need to fill positions immediately.

An individual from Central Texas described the ups and downs of her job search.

Jennifer Riley, who served in the Air Force for 20 years, left the military with a business administration degree and a wide variety of skills.

"It made me more responsible. Over the course of my career, I've been able to lead, manage, and develop people.

She retired in 2018, and decided to continue her education, but is now seeking employment.

It's been six months since she got a job.

"It is difficult to get your resume reviewed. Riley said it's hard to get an interview and hard to get a job.

Riley is working on scheduling face-to-face meetings with recruiters. She volunteered for a veteran career fair recently.

Moreover, according to the U.S. Department of Labor, as of March 2022, the veteran unemployment rate was 2.4%, down from 3.1% the previous month and from 4.8% the year before.

Riley says the unemployment trends are going in the right direction for vets.

"I think veterans bring something different," Riley said.

Jenny Hadac is the event director for RecruitMilitary. She states that her team is actively recruiting veterans for employment.

"Having the word 'veteran' on your resume, your LinkedIn profile, when you're networking is helping you stand out because employers know it's a talent pool that is ready to work," Hadac said.

Riley's still upbeat.

When you're a dependent and then you join the military, it's nice to see companies that honor your service," Riley said.