The VA plans to publish recommendations to realign and modernize VA health care nationwide

The VA plans to publish recommendations to realign and modernize VA health care nationwide

VA will release a report in the coming days detailing the most significant redesign of the VA health system since World War II. We will realign and modernize VA health care facilities for Veterans.

According to the Asset and Infrastructure Review (AIR) report, to be released March 14, 2022, VA has recommended investments that, if implemented, will create a network of VA health care facilities, in the right places, that will provide the right care for Veterans everywhere.

VA's AIR report shows VA's commitment to Veterans' needs. VA uses resources to improve Veteran health care.

So what's in the report?

This report recommends the construction of new VA health care facilities and the upgrading of existing ones, as well as expanding VA partnerships with organizations that complement VA care delivery, such as the Defense Department and Indian Health Service. Also recommended are ways to close or relocate underused or aging VA health care facilities to improve the quality of care provided. The recommendations are designed to ensure VA can provide veterans with modern health care; they also guarantee VA will be the primary provider and coordinator of Veterans health care for generations to come.

Who authored the report, and why?

Veterans Affairs conducted years of research and analysis to produce the report, including interviews and collaboration with VA staff and leadership, as well as getting Veterans' input. In a series of volumes, the report presents an assessment of VA's current infrastructure and suggests strategies for keeping VA at the forefront of U.S. health care. Having VA facilities near where Veterans live now and in the future will help them stay healthy. Virginia produced the report as required by the MISSION Act of 2018, which called for the nationwide study and accompanying recommendations for future economic development.

A public report will also be published by VA and submitted to the bipartisan, presidentially appointed and congressionally approved AIR Commission.

During the review conducted by the AIR Commission, public hearings will be held, the Commission will visit VA facilities, meet with VA employees and partners, and most importantly, will listen to veterans so they may understand the recommendations. It will submit its recommendations and any changes it deems necessary to the President. It is up to the President whether the recommendations will be submitted to Congress. If the President makes them, Congress can either do nothing or reject them in a joint resolution. VA must begin implementing the recommendations within three years of approval. Within each market, VA will work through a process to prioritize and fund projects.