The rule of law is under attack, says Vice President

The rule of law is under attack, says Vice President

Vice President Kamala Harris told graduating cadets at the United States Coast Guard Academy that they are entering service at a critical time in history when the "rule of law is stressed" and "basic ideals are under danger."

The world's state of affairs was Harris' topic of reflection at Yale University in New London, Connecticut. In his view, long-standing norms and conventions are increasingly being challenged by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Harris added, "Our problems extend beyond Russia, too." The challenges that the rules-based order faces worldwide continue to grow: nations threatening the space and freedom of the seas; criminal gangs and traffickers skirting the law and fueling corruption; and those trying to manipulate and undermine the foundations of international commerce."

Additionally, he said, the graduates, as Coast Guard members, will help the US maintain the rules-based international order as one of its "defining responsibilities."

Various attempts have been made over the years to create this sequence. This order has proved successful. Harris remarked, "It's being taken for granted much too often.". “I'll be honest: it is unusual for nations to experience relative stability and peace during their lifetime.” he added.

During his commencement address, last month at Tennessee State University in Nashville, Harris encouraged graduates to use their leadership skills to deal with the many challenges faced by an uncertain world.

Harris said the Class of 2022 is "on the threshold of a new frontier" in her lecture at the historically Black university, alluding to the potential for additional technological and medical advancements.

But, she remarked at Tennessee State, with the war in Ukraine continuing, the dangers of climate change, and fundamental liberties under threat in the United States, graduates are embarking on an uncertain future.

Harris gave a commencement speech at the United States Naval Academy last year. President Joe Biden will deliver the graduating address at this year's Naval Academy graduation.