Report Uncovers Top 10 Stolen Cars

Report Uncovers Top 10 Stolen Cars

According to the new data published by the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), some cars and models are expected to have a high rate of being stolen. The most popular cars amongst thieves are Japanese models like Honda, Nissan and Toyota. Moreover, pickup trucks dominated the list presented in the report.

This report lists the car models that were stolen the most in 2020.

Drivers of the following cars are recommended to get auto insurance and anti-theft protection-

  • Ford full-size pickup

  • Chevrolet full-size pickup

  • Honda Civic

  • Honda Accord

  • Toyota Camry

  • Nissan Altima

  • GMC full-size pickup

  • Toyota Corolla

  • Honda CR-V

  • Dodge full-size pickup

The NICB has established that purchasing anti-theft insurance coverage is a must no matter what kind of vehicle you own. The bureau recommends installing gear locks, audible alarms and GPS tracking to keep your cars from being stolen.

The bureau also stated that while these protection devices might help, they are not enough. Most people consider purchasing a vehicle to be their second most significant investment after buying a home. This makes insurance protection an essential component.

It is crucial to have comprehensive car insurance coverage, which could cover your losses if the car is stolen.

Another thing to consider is to ensure that your policy covers theft; you must buy comprehensive coverage. Your standard policy only contains liability insurance, which will protect your and the injured's medical bills and property damage.

The Insurance Information Institute states that buying comprehensive coverage is not mandatory. However, it is recommended to get this coverage. This coverage protects stolen personal items in case of theft or break-ins.

After filing the stolen vehicle report, you can begin with your insurance claim. If you wish to purchase this coverage, you would have to pay an additional premium. The police must be contacted immediately if your vehicle with comprehensive coverage is stolen. While filing the claim, be ready with essential information like vehicle description, engine, mileage, service record and VIN.