Navy Federal Financial Group’s Brokerage Services Gets New Name

Navy Federal Financial Group’s Brokerage Services Gets New Name

A new wholly-owned subsidiary of Navy Federal Credit Union (NFCU), Navy Federal Financial Group (NFFG), announced today the renaming of its broker-dealer and registered investment advisor solutions business, Navy Federal Brokerage Services (NFBS). 

The new logo and disclosure on all account statements, documents and online services will be rolled out soon.

“For over 20 years, NFFG has strived to help our members reach their financial goals using a personalized financial planning approach," said Diane Young, the company's COO. “Within Navy Federal Investment Services, we are dedicated to the same mission: providing top-of-the-line financial service to our members each day.” 

Through NFIS, Navy Federal will continue to support members and their families with retirement, tuition and saving for other life events. As part of the insurance, trust, and estate planning services, NFFG and NFIS continue to provide financial protection.

A part of the reason for rebranding the investment and advisory services business as NFIS was to better align the organization's name with the range of products and services it offers to its members. 

“We are keen on being able to continue to serve the investment planning needs of our members," Young concluded.

Over 150 Navy Federal branches provide investment and advisory services by phone and in person. Regardless of whether you have been an investor for a long time or a first-time investor, NFIS can help. 
Visit the NFIS website or call 1-877-221-8108 for more information or to inquire about investment services.