Mortgage-Free Home Gifted to a Veteran

Mortgage-Free Home Gifted to a Veteran

It was the surprise of a lifetime for a veteran and his family.

After serving nearly 11 years in the U.S. Marine Corps, Jason Roberts retired, where he lost half of this leg.


Thanks to the Pulte Group and Military Warriors Support Foundation, he and his wife were surprised Wednesday with a brand-new mortgage-free home.


So far, 60 mortgage-free homes have been awarded to veterans across the country through the partnership – the latest going to Roberts and his family.

He and his wife say they are excited to put down roots in their brand-new home.


“Financial is amazing; you know what I mean – in the aspect that you don’t have the mortgage expenses,” he said. “But also, doing the three-year process of doing the financials with them, and budgeting and learning all that king of stuff is going to be valuable. It’s going to carry on for the rest of our lives.”

The home that was donated to the family is in the Nexton Community near Summerville.