More Auto Insurance Refunds are Coming

More Auto Insurance Refunds are Coming

After offering modest discounts and rebates last year, the auto insurance industry faces more pressure to provide discounts and rebates this year.

After a governor accused insurance companies in Michigan of keeping billions of dollars in profits, drivers are set to receive another wave of refunds.

Aiming for the deep pockets of car insurers, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer has even asked for refunds to the tune of $675 per car to be returned "promptly" to Michigan policyholders.

The law may only require them to offer refunds of $100, forcing drivers to find other ways to save money. In case one feels as if they are overpaying for their insurance, this is how one can recover to check them: 

The majority of complaints in other states are related to overcharging during the pandemic, although it was true of Michigan.

It has been reported that there was an increase in net income by 82% when there were few accidents and the streets were empty. After a significant part of the year, Geico tripled its pretax income.

Additionally, Washington and New Mexico evaluate if the drivers have received accurate amounts. The attorney general of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, has sent out many letters to the state's insurance regulators. This has also gone to court, with class-action lawsuits filed in Nevada and Illinois this year.

Is it possible to acquire free money from the insurance companies? 

Insurers won't be forced by law to give out more money unless more regulators step in or class-action suits succeed.

However, you might be eligible for free cash if you haven't contacted your insurer yet. 

If your insurance company refuses to offer you a pandemic discount, you can try these other options:

Remove optional coverage

You may be able to do some auto insurance policies for a while. Could you, for example, eliminate the option that pays for a rental car while yours is in the shop?
Eliminating these extras can save you some money. Make sure you meet your state's minimum liability coverage anytime you drive your car.

But what if I need even more savings?

Here are a few more ways to boost your bank account until the economy bounces back:

  • Cut your other insurance costs. There are several tools to save money on homeowners insurance and even acquire instant life insurance quotes. 
  • Reduce your debt. You will likely pay more in interest if you've resorted to credit cards throughout the pandemic. 
  • Save your spare change. You can invest the "change" leftover from everyday purchases with a popular investing app.