Maine Gov. Proposes Saving Two Veteran Homes with $3.5M

Maine Gov. Proposes Saving Two Veteran Homes with $3.5M

Maine's governor said she would dedicate $3.5 million to keep veterans homes open in northern Maine.

Veterans' homes in Machias and Caribou are closing this spring. To maintain the homes, Democratic Gov. Janet Mills has proposed using $1.75 million from the state's general fund and $1.75 million from federal aid.

Miller said the proposal would make the homes open for at least another year. That will allow the state and the nonprofit group that runs the homes to construct a long-term plan for their operations and residents, she said.

Ms. Mills said the bill would be introduced in the Maine Legislature this week.

Mills said the veterans who live in these homes, their families and the staff deserve them to stay open.

Maine Veterans' Homes didn't respond right away to requests for comment.