Home for Struggling Female Veterans for Daughters of American Revolution

Home for Struggling Female Veterans for Daughters of American Revolution

Ladies of the John Bartram Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution recently heard about plans to build a transitional home for struggling female veterans.

Marie Bogdonoff, from Villagers for Veterans, spoke at DAR’s recent meeting and shared some of the problems facing many female veterans who have returned to civilian life after their tours of duty. She said many of the vets don’t know where to turn to and are unaware of the benefits they are due. Some have had difficulty finding gainful employment and have become homeless, often living in their cars or sleeping on friends’ couches.

Villagers for Veterans is building a transition home that will provide a safe, temporary home for six to eight deserving women vets while offering job training, counseling, and female camaraderie as they build self-sufficiency in a secure, loving environment.

With the construction of Ashley’s House, plans are to give these women the opportunity to get “back on their feet,” Bogdonoff said. After a lot of planning and searching for the right location, Villagers for Veterans has purchased a property Eustis that is in a safe neighborhood, accessible by public transportation, and close to a VA clinic and a local college where the women can take classes and improve their chances of getting a good job.

Ashley’s House is named after First Lieutenant Ashley White, who was killed along with other members of her team in an IED explosion in Afghanistan. The home will honor the sacrifices that women in the military have made.

For more information about fundraising activities and/or opportunities to volunteer with Villagers for Veterans, visit their website. https://www.villagersforveterans.org/

Source: https://www.villages-news.com/2022/03/20/daughters-of-american-revolution-hear-about-home-for-female-veterans/