Gulf War Veterans Get Extension to Seek VA Health Benefits

Gulf War Veterans Get Extension to Seek VA Health Benefits

To ensure that all military members who have a service-connected disability are provided with equal benefits, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has extended the presumptive period to December 31, 2026, for veterans with undiagnosed, qualifying conditions caused by the Persian Gulf War.

The date has been extended to ensure that Congress can administer the benefits equally for all service members.

Moreover, in the absence of this extension, service members whose conditions are diagnosed after Dec. 31, 2021, would not be able to access the benefits they qualify for.

According to a press release, professionals also stated that restricting VA benefits to a specific date could affect service members, given that diseases can arise at any point in time.

The VA explains the occurrence of certain medical conditions due to exposure during the Persian Gulf War. These conditions include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and functional gastrointestinal disorders.

There is a high possibility that veterans in the Persian Gulf War are diagnosed with other illnesses, including abnormal weight loss, headaches and migraines, joint and muscle pain, sleep disturbances, menstrual disorder and psychological conditions. Common disorders also include skin problems, neurological conditions and cardiovascular diseases.

All Persian Gulf War Veterans struggling with the above-listed or any other symptoms are encouraged to contact the VA and file their claim to receive their disability benefits.