Auto Insurance Rates Rise up to 4% in Florida

Auto Insurance Rates Rise up to 4% in Florida

In Central Florida, car insurance rates are up 4% from a year ago, according to The Zebra, which is the nation's leading insurance comparison site. This represents an increase of 3% on average across the nation.

In Central Florida, there were more cars on the roads than in Orlando. 
Malik Pettit, a resident of Orlando and YouTube star, is fond of fast cars, especially his Infiniti Q60.

"This is my baby man, this is my baby," Pettit said just before getting into his car.

His sports car can go more than 180 mph, so he pays an extremely high amount for his auto insurance. It's a rate that has consistently increased during the two years he has owned it.

"The insurance I probably wanted to say was around $300 a year ago," Pettit said.

The monthly payment is $300. 

It is still increasing. Infiniti's insurance costs him roughly $600 a month, he says. This is an increase of nearly 100% from last year. 

In 2021, Pettit totaled his Mercedes, which contributed to his rates rising.
Many factors are contributing to the recent hike in auto insurance rates, according to, which compares rates across the country.
Nicole Beck from The Zebra said that reckless driving behaviors, additional traffic, and even crimes or thefts may cause people to file claims, thus resulting in the insurance companies losing money. As a result, they increase rates.

“It's not doom and gloom, but as more people drive, there is more traffic," Beck said. "So theoretically, yes, prices will continue to rise, but more traffic leads to more accidents."

Even Pettit has limits when it comes to his insurance rates. Getting more clicks and subscribers is a good thing, but it comes with a price.

Florida state premiums in 2021 were just over $2400. This is a 60% increase over the current national average.  

If one has a good credit score and drives safely, they may be able to lower their auto insurance rates.