ETrade Establishes Digital Life Insurance Products

ETrade Establishes Digital Life Insurance Products

Covr Financial Technologies, Inc. and E*TRADE Financial Holdings, LLC announced at the end of October that, a web-based platform for life insurance products, will be available to E*TRADE customers.

Now with Covr Financial Technologies through E-Trade, customers have access to a digital life insurance plan. The pandemic has highlighted some of the gaps investors face when it comes to their finances. It has been reported that 31% of respondents believe that COVID-19 has increased their likelihood of buying life insurance in the coming year. Despite this, only 52% of those surveyed have health insurance coverage, the lowest level recorded in the history of the survey. 

Given that 42% of Americans stated they would face financial hardship within six months if the primary earner in their family unexpectedly passed away, this new offering would enable clients to access a variety of life insurance choices to help close loved ones should the unexpected occur. The customer can:

Find helpful resources on how to build and protect wealth and information on life insurance basics.
You can choose from a variety of carriers with the Covr simple online application process.
Secure up to $3 million in life insurance coverage from leading insurance companies without undergoing a medical exam.
With E*TRADE accounts, customers can easily keep an eye on their policies, such as the underwriter and term length.

Micheal Kalen, CEO of Covr, recently stated that advancements in technology allow customers to purchase life insurance more easily, and it is more affordable than ever before. The E*TRADE platform will allow customers to compare insurance plans from well-respected carriers in one easy-to-use tool, and to choose an insurance plan that matches their financial needs, Kalen said.

Increasingly, consumers are looking for firms that offer financial services throughout their lifetime. Covr's innovative digital insurance experience combined with E*TRADE's acclaimed investing platform creates an integrated financial experience for today's consumers who desire a trusted brand they can trust for their financial services.
What I Need to Know about E*TRADE Financial Holdings, LLC

E*TRADE Securities LLC (Member SIPC) offers securities products and services. The company offers brokerage products, as well as banking services for retail customers. As a member of the NFA, the company offers futures and options on future products and services. E*TRADE Capital Management, LLC, a member of the NFA, offers Managed Account Solutions. 

By partnering with Covr Financial Technologies, Inc. (Covr), E*TRADE Securities LLC provides access to insurance products. With Covr, consumers can purchase insurance directly through the company.