Challenge to U.S. Navy Shortened by China

Challenge to U.S. Navy Shortened by China

Connecticut Airport Authority (CAA) is on its way to acquiring Bridgeport Sikorsky Memorial Airport (KBDR) to bring commercial airline service back to the southeast. 

Established in 2011, the CAA manages Bradley International Airport, the state's only commercial airport, as well as five general aviation airports: Danielson, Groton-New London, Hartford-Brainard, Waterbury-Oxford, and Windham.

City-owned KBDR, which has two FBOs, hasn't had airline service for 20 years, and its terminal was demolished.

Bridgeport and the CAA announced in November that ongoing discussions regarding an expanded partnership for the airport, which is currently operating at a deficit, are underway following a recent $7 million investment by the State Bond Commission. 

That money is going to support pavement rehabilitation for Runway 11/29, which is 4,759 feet long. A number of commercial airlines have tried to return to KBDR over the past few years, but it would take millions in additional infrastructures, such as a new airline terminal, to attract these operators once again.

CAA would have a lot of experience with airport management, and could, in theory, provide the necessary infrastructure funding, but officials in Bridgeport are still arguing over it. An offer of $10 million was made to Bridgeport by CAA.