Bouncer Arrested in Slaying of Soldier Near Faneuil Hall

Bouncer Arrested in Slaying of Soldier Near Faneuil Hall


The police department has caught a man in relation with a deadly stabbing at the weekend, and police have revealed that the victim is a veteran.

A stabbing occurred Saturday night at 33 Union Street, not far from Faneuil Hall.

Police identified the victim on Monday as Daniel Martinez, 23, from Palos Hills, a suburb of Chicago.

Kevin Hayden, Suffolk County's district attorney, states Martinez finished his active duty as a US Marine more than a year ago.

After he finished his military service, Martinez's mom told WLS-TV in Chicago that he's been enjoying life and traveling.

Now that he was back, my guard was lowered a little bit and I felt a sense of relief. He's home, my boy's home. I can just exhale now. This just does not make sense that this should happen," his mother, Apolonia Martinez, said.

This is a tragic case in terms of how this city might be perceived," Hayden said. I can't speak for the city.

Alvaro Omar Larrama, 39, has been identified as the suspect. He's accused of murder.

At 19 Union Street, Larrama was employed as a bouncer at Sons of Boston.

According to Hayden, he couldn't discern a motive, other than a disagreement between the parties.

A court document reveals Martinez had been stabbed in the left side of his chest after he and a friend attempted to enter the Sons of Boston bar.

Martinez and his friend were denied entry and got into an argument, according to the police report.

In the police report, after Martinez and his friend started walking away, "Larrama was observed running after the victim of the assault while holding what appeared to be an unknown object in his right hand."

"Apparently aware that he was being pursued, the victim turned his left hand and faced Larrama as if to block or fend off an imminent attack. The victim then hit Larrama in the left side of his head with what appears to be an aluminum beer bottle. Larrama then struck the victim in the area of his left chest two times, the last of which caused the victim to grasp that area with his hand", according to a police report.

Several people got involved. According to police, Martinez collapsed outside 33 Union Street.

The police report says Larrama was chased back to the Sons of Boston bar by other staff, where he discarded his hat and sweatshirt, followed by fleeing out the rear door.

At District A15, he surrendered to Boston Police without incident and was taken into custody without incident.

After his arraignment, he's being held without bail.