'Blinded Veterans Day' Celebrated on March 28th

'Blinded Veterans Day' Celebrated on March 28th

On March 28, we recognized veterans and the sacrifices they made for our country.

In 2010, March 28 was proclaimed as ‘Blinded Veterans Day.’ This day also spreads awareness about services that are available in South Mississippi to help blinded veterans and their families.

Blinded Veterans Association and its many affiliated regional groups throughout the country help in improving blind rehabilitation services, education, and benefits for blinded veterans of the United States Armed Forces.

The BVA is there for those who have served their country and have lost all or some of their vision due to combat, illness, or other non-service-connected factors.

In 2011, the Blind Rehab Center at the VA in Biloxi opened. It’s one of 13 in the country. Blinded Veterans Association National Treasurer Tracy Ferro said, “Becoming a part of the Blind Veterans Association or volunteering for the Blind Veterans Association with the VA gets me out of the house, gives me something to do, makes me productive. I’m helping blind veterans across America enjoy a more fruitful life. We don’t have to stay isolated and alone. There’s so much we can do.”

If you’re interested in joining the BVA or questions about them visit their website.

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