All You Need to Know About Saving Money When Insuring Teen Drivers

All You Need to Know About Saving Money When Insuring Teen Drivers

It can be challenging to save money on teenage auto insurance, just as teaching a teen how to drive. There is plenty of information available online that you can research and compare to find ways to get discounts for car insurance for your teen. You just have to explore the options.

In most states, liability insurance is required before one can legally drive. The parents’ policy generally covers the student driver. Once the teen obtains the driver’s license, he or she must be listed on the policy as well.

Buying a policy that only lists the teen is usually much more expensive than joining a family plan; however, the addition can still be pricey. The typical rate increase after adding a teenage driver to a family insurance policy is 130%, according to a recent study by

Among all the age groups of drivers, those between 16 and 19 years old represent the riskiest one. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention data indicates that this demographic is at the highest risk for road accidents. If they don’t cause an accident and have a clean driving record, insurance rates typically go down around the age of 25.

Lenders use credit scores to determine loan approvals, just as insurance companies do. Your insurance score is an assessment of your risk, where a higher insurance rate usually means a higher level of risk. In comparison, a lower level of risk is generally associated with a lower rate.

The average insurance rate for teens is typically higher than other groups of drivers. Teenagers will be able to lower their insurance rates drastically by obtaining discounts and other measures. These are some of the essential things to pay attention to:

  • Drive a safe vehicle with your teen.

  • Describe your driving habits to your insurance agent

  • Get free insurance quotes from different companies.

  • You may want to consider including this coverage as part of your family policy.