Airmen attacked a U.S. base in Syria, injuring four U.S. troops.

Airmen attacked a U.S. base in Syria, injuring four U.S. troops.

The Air Force said Tuesday that a U.S. airman has been detained and could be charged concerning an attack on a base in Syria in April that resulted in the injuries of four American service personnel.

The incident, which took place at Green Village, has led to an arrest, according to a statement sent by a spokeswoman for the service, Ann Stefanek.

"An airman was taken into custody stateside on June 16 in connection with the incident in Green Village, Syria, as part of an ongoing inquiry," Stefanek added. The airman's commander decided to imprison him pending trial after carefully considering the material from the probe.

On April 7, explosions struck two buildings inside the base walls at Green Village, a small American base in Syria north of the Euphrates River. Since then, military investigators have been examining what happened there.

Four members of the military were hospitalized for "minor injuries and possible traumatic brain injuries" following the incident, officials said in a statement. The four were later released.

Investigators first believed that indirect fire to the base caused the incident, but a week later, U.S. Central Command clarified that it was actually "the premeditated placement of explosive devices by an unidentified individual(s) at an ammo holding area and shower facility."

Following leads that resulted in the arrest last week, the Office of Special Investigations of the Air Force and the Criminal Investigation Division of the Army both got involved.

The Department of the Air Force withheld additional information regarding the airman's name, and no charges have been brought.

If charges are preferred, Stefanek stated, "We won't publicize the person's name." "For a charge sheet, the investigation is not yet complete. If fees are preferred, it will be accessible."

About 1,000 American soldiers and special forces personnel are present there to support the Syrian Democratic Forces.