US Air Force: Pilot in Arizona Accident Ejected Safely

US Air Force: Pilot in Arizona Accident Ejected Safely

The military contractor's fighter jet pilot ejected safely, and no one on the ground was hurt, a spokesman for him and US Air Force officials confirmed.

About 30 miles west of Phoenix, the Mirage F1 crashed near Buckeye.
According to John Rupp, director of foreign military sales, it was one of Airborne Tactical Advantage Co.'s aircraft that went down. He says the pilot was taken to a hospital for minor injuries.

"The pilot is safe and in good health," Rupp told The Associated Press.
The plane went down. According to the company, it will cooperate with investigators to determine the cause of the crash.

After the crash was confirmed by Luke Air Force Base in nearby Glendale, officials said it happened late Thursday morning about 15 miles (24 kilometers) west of the base in an unpopulated area. Luke is the main base for training F-35 fighter pilots.

Crews from the base's fire department, explosives ordnance specialists, and police assured security at the site. There were also Buckeye firefighters there.

Brigadier General Gregory Kreuder, commander of the base's 56th Fighter Wing, said that the base is committed to safety.

We appreciate all the support Luke receives from our community partners, especially during situations like this," Kreuder said. "Finally, I'm thankful nobody was hurt on the ground, and the pilot was picked up safely."

As part of a growing number of contractors, Airborne Tactical Advantage flies aircraft to help train military pilots. As well as providing fighter pilots with aggressor aircraft, the company also offers other military services.
A Mirage F1 operated by another contractor crashed in Las Vegas last year while the pilot attempted to land at nearby Nellis Air Force Base. The pilot, Nicholas Hunter Hamilton, 43, from Las Vegas, died.

The May 24 crash occurred after Hamilton experienced an inflight emergency, and the plane crashed into a neighborhood, catching fire. Hamilton ejected before hitting the ground.

Mr. Hamilton, a retired United States Air Force pilot, was working for Draken International, a military contractor.

Marine Lance Cpl. Anthony T. DuBeau died in a military contractor crash in Arizona in 2015. The 23-year-old from Kenosha, Wisconsin, was in a pickup truck watching over a crew working alongside the runway at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma.

As per a report by the National Transportation Safety Board, the pilot of the BAE Systems Hawk jet took off too slow on March 11, 2015. On a mission for the Air Force, the British-built jet stumbled, veered off the runway on the left side and struck the pickup truck.