A military commissary launches doorstep delivery at eight locations.

A military commissary launches doorstep delivery at eight locations.

Commissary shoppers in eight locations throughout the country may now pick up their food from their computers at their front door.

Commissaries at eight military bases are experimenting with grocery delivery to customers' homes within a 20-mile radius of the outlets. Ultimately, all commissaries in the continental U.S. will be able to provide food to consumers throughout the country if the trial is successful.

Virginia's Fort Belvoir and Norfolk Naval Station, Illinois' Scott Air Force Base, North Carolina's Fort Bragg South, Florida's MacDill Air Force Base, Washington's Fort Lewis, and California's Marine Corps Air Station Miramar and Naval Station San Diego are among the stores.

The curbside delivery service expands the existing global Click2Go program, allowing customers to order commissary items online, pay for them, and pick them up at the commissary curbside. The commissary agency is now taking it a step further.

According to Bill Moore, director and CEO of the Defense Commissary Agency, the goal is to make it easier for eligible consumers to obtain their benefits. "We found from our focus group of new young, single enlisted service members that they value convenience as much as savings, and they desire low-cost, nutritious options," he said in a press release announcing the test's commencement.

In most circumstances, the shipping charge will be less than $4. This is on top of the cost of food, the 5% commissary premium, and whatever tips you give the delivery driver.

All authorized consumers within a 20-mile radius are eligible for the service. An eligible veteran must be a member of the active, reserve, or guard forces; a retired military member; a Medal of Honor or Purple Heart recipient; a former prisoner of war; and have an official Veterans Affairs disability rating from the VA. In addition, VA-approved and designated primary family caregivers of eligible veterans may qualify.