7th Annual National Convening of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation

7th Annual National Convening of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation

EDF and VA will jointly host a National Caregiver Convening on May 18 from 10 am to 2 pm ET. This collaboration with EDF (Elizabeth Dole Foundation) demonstrates VA's stance that caregivers are critical to Veterans' care and deserve our thanks and support.

Providing caregivers with the exposure and attention they deserve is what VA hopes to achieve by participating in EDF this year.

The theme of this year's gathering is "Bold Actions for the Future: Action, Policy, and Priorities."It will lay out steps for the future of caregiving, address policy, and define priorities to help caregivers and Veterans alike. The Convening will feature speakers from the EDF, the VA, and other professionals, caregivers, and keynote addresses.

You'll consider improving the military caregiver experience in America and making a positive difference for our country's unsung heroes, veterans, survivors, and their families.

There will be remarks from Senator Elizabeth Dole and Deputy Secretary of Veterans Affairs Donald Remy.

At the Philips-sponsored National Convening, Senator Elizabeth Dole will deliver a live speech. In order to allow members of our community direct access to VA leadership and more information on the PCAFC, Steve Schwab, CEO of the Elizabeth Dole Foundation, will host a fireside conversation with VA Deputy Secretary Donald M. Remy and Senior Advisor Meg Kabat. The virtual seminars will showcase accomplishments in military caregiver support and the goal for our country's care culture.

We'll also reveal important announcements and partnerships to assist our unsung heroes in navigating significant milestones in their caregiver journeys, such as caring for an elderly veteran and shifting from caregiver to a survivor. Dr. Colleen Richardson, Executive Director of the VA's Caregiver Support Program, will participate in a roundtable discussion with subject matter experts and caregivers.

Join us to bring clarity to carers and show them that they are not alone.