MyCAA: A Great Resource for Military Spouses

MyCAA A Great Resource for Military Spouses

MyCAA: A Great Resource for Military Spouses


Not only is the individual who volunteers to join the military services of his country considered special and courageous but also the person who volunteers to be the spouse of a military personnel is also very special. Being a military spouse is often the toughest task in the military. The Department of Defense has organized an education program for the benefit of those spouses of the military personnel as a way to thank them for the various sacrifices they have done. This education program is called the MyCAA, (Military Spouse Career Advancement Accounts) that can be taken up by the qualified military spouses. This educational program for the military spouses has been provided about $4,000 for their tuition which is a part of the development program of the workforce and their scholarship. The spouses of military personnel can make use of this MyCAA educational program to obtain course certifications and licenses and benefit from the various career opportunities in industries that are much in demand, and also to pursue careers that don’t hinder the responsibilities and the constant relocation of the spouses of military personnel.

As seen from our experience we Military Connection are well aware that the military spouses make good and trust worthy employees than any other people. They are best known for their hard work and reliability. We have employed a number of such military spouses who couldn’t have flexible and easily transferable careers and hence seeing them leave our organization was always saddening. Due to the lifestyle and various other important responsibilities as well as the frequent relocation from one place to another, the military spouses are not able to manage their career. They find it difficult to balance their jobs and lifestyle and we understand that very well.

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The MyCAA educational program can be used by these military spouses to pay for their tuition fee and other expenses involved in getting the certifications and licenses for the courses completed by the spouses as well as for obtaining the certifications for career related programs.  There are a number of opportunities in various fields for the military spouses to pursue a career. Some of the fields where they can find a reliable career are Information Technology, Aerospace engineering, Construction, Hospitality field, Education, Health & Human Services, Transportation and Automotive Services, Legal services, field of Energy, Homeland Security, Animal Services and much more areas.

However it is to be noted that the MyCAA educational program is not beneficial for all the military spouses. They need to fulfill the eligibility criteria such that they are spouses of those military service personnel who are in the E-1 to E-5 pay grades, from O-1 o O-2 and those from the W-1 through W-2 pay grades. They also need to be currently active in the service of military, or in the service of Guard or Reserves.

The program also might not cover certain fee for tuition or school for the military spouses and they can contact a career counselor to discuss about the program and its benefits and also inquire about their doubts prior to joining the educational program.

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