“More Cyber Attacks Coming,” Warning From Top Cybersecurity Officials


“More Cyber Attacks Coming,” Warning From Top Cybersecurity Officials

Following recent cyberattacks affecting U.S. interests, top cybersecurity officials have warned the administration to expect more ransomware attacks.

During a virtual summit organized on Wednesday, Threat Hunting for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Chris Butera said that the increasing ransomware attacks have started affecting the states and local governments.

While commenting on the recent attack on the world’s largest meat processing company-JBS, he stated that cybersecurity should be the top priority of the U.S. government.

After the Colonial pipeline was hit by a cyberattack last month, another cyber breach has resulted in JBS shutting down the operations in the US, Canada and Australia.

Butera also added that these attacks have become more brazen and are targeting American interests. Though the government does not encourage private companies to pay the ransom, Butera said it is understandable if the company agrees to pay the money to protect their interests.

The Biden administration deals with these types of attacks with a traditional attitude. Resident Fellow for the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) Klon Kitchen said that while they understand the pressure these companies are under, paying ransom encourages future attacks and leads to financial loss and shortage.

While explaining the consequences of paying the ransom, kitchen explains that companies might face two challenges. First, there is no guarantee that the ransomer will decrypt hostage files. Second, paying ransom encourages other groups to indulge in cybercrime.

Kitchen said, “U.S. policy needs to engage with ransomware more directly.” He also added, “We need to change the political calculus of foreign governments who allow ransomware attackers to operate with impunity within their borders”.

Both the attacks on Colonial Pipeline and JBS are believed to be associated with Russian-based criminal organizations.

According to the White House officials, President Biden is expected to discuss the attacks with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the June 16 summit held in Geneva.


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