Military Spouse Business Alliance

Military Spouse Business Alliance


Military Spouse Alliance Uplifting Livelihoods of Military Partners


The Military Spouse Alliance, an initiative of the Hiring Our Heroes program, finds means to assist partners of military servicemen and women through employment, building them to follow their aspirations without imitating their contemporaries.


What is the Alliance?


The coalition comprises of 10 high standing charitable institutes in the state devoted to alleviating partners of military officers of redundancy and lack of employment. Joined hands with the Chamber of Commerce of the U.S., 3 million corporates, 600 business partners and 1600 national chambers, the vision is to reduce the disparity prevalent amongst spouses of military officers and the corporate societies who are wanting the skills the spouses of military men and women hold.


Goals of the Military Spouse Business Alliance


The aim of the ‘Military Spouse Business Alliance’ is to uplift the livelihoods of employed servicemen and women’s spouses through:

  • Ensuring employment permanency
  • Assist military partners to achieve greater heights through the provision of networks, counseling, and proper coaching platforms
  • Offering openings for spouses with entrepreneurial skills to make use of great performances and collective reserves to gain a lucrative business
  • Simplify tasks for skilled military partners by the support of easing or alleviating permits and qualification red tape.


What the Alliance Will Do


To establish the set targets, the Alliance proposes to accommodate ten partner employment conferences and recruiting fairs spread across the U.S. in the year 2012. Further, it will cultivate great performances for employment progression of military partners, progress affiliations in the main areas of attention, comprising of Employment Progression, Industrialism, and Qualified Personnel and absorb the military partner society offering Organizational openings through national Chambers of Commerce.




Run through a list of hiring fairs to access resources closest to you. In the event you are unable to get to an employment fair, you could make use of these online tools for veterans and spouses.

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