Migrant Children Being Kept At U.S. Detention Centers In South America- Source


Migrant Children Being Kept At U.S. Detention Centers In South America- Source

While the after-effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can still be felt, the influx of minor migrants on the southern border has resulted in the US government sending the Federal Emergency Management Agency to the detention facilities. Many critics say that these centers, where the children are being held, are inhumane and too crowded.

According to the figures reported last week, about 3200 migrant children were said to be under US custody. However, according to the survey conducted on March 14, the numbers have increased to 13,000.

According to Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Homeland Secretary, these camps are often compared with jails and are no place for children.

However, the facilities are trying to assure that the centers are best suited for children. They have play areas, classrooms and counseling services. Moreover, these organizations are also dedicated to finding foster families for these children until the immigration claim.

So, although there has been a constant debate on the living conditions, there is no strong evidence that could prove the state of these centers. Since President Joe Biden has taken over the office, journalists have not been allowed inside the facility.

While the numbers of migrant children are constantly on the rise, the government is finding more facilities for the children. A military base in Virginia, a California air base and a Dallas convention center are being considered as possible locations.

Experts say that there are various reasons behind this surge. Along with the loss of jobs due to the pandemic, conditions like poverty, natural disasters and gang crime have made people leave their home country. Regular hurricanes in Honduras and false rumors of the US opening its border to immigrants have also contributed to the sudden influx of minor immigrants.


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