Miami Beach Imposes Curfew Amid Spring Break Chaos- Sources

Miami Beach Imposes Curfew

Miami Beach Imposes Curfew Amid Spring Break Chaos- Sources

Followed by spring break chaos and police officials struggling to control overwhelming crowds of tourists in Miami, the city officials have decided to impose an emergency curfew until 12th March. All vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be avoided from 20:00-06:00. All hotels, guest rooms and local restaurants are exempt from closing until 12th March.

On Saturday, the streets of the south beach area were filled with tourists trying to enjoy their spring break. According to Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, the scene seemed like a rock concert. With people filled from wall to wall and block to block, the officials couldn’t even see the pavements.

The city officials have warned the tourist to either “vacation responsibiliy” or get arrested. With no one following social distancing rules and avoiding wearing masks amid the terrors of a predictable COVID-19 wave, police officers had to control the situation by throwing pepper balls on the crowd.

In spite of several warnings from the officials, the south beach area was filled with maskless people, forcing the officials to impose a curfew on the city.

City Manager, Raul Aguila, said that they have taken these emergency measures to protect not only the residents of Miami City but also the tourists visiting the city during the spring break.

Earlier, the curfew was imposed only for three days (Friday to Sunday). However, Miami Beach City Commission approved to extend the curfew from 3 days to three weeks, till 12th April. Officers have also decided upon closing the bridge areas that connect Miami to the mainland. Since Friday, Miami Beach Police has stated that they have made around 50 arrests and confiscated eight firearms. With more than 32,000 Floridians dead due to the pandemic, the state also has numerous cases of B.1.1.7, a strain that was first diagnosed in Britain. To retaliate against the growing fear of COVID-19, the officials are doing what it takes to save the country from the pandemic.


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