Looking for An All-Natural Remedy For PTSD – Try CBD!

Looking for An All-Natural Remedy For PTSD – Try CBD!

PTSD plagues the lives of thousands of veterans. This anxiety disorder adversely hampers the wellbeing of people who’ve experienced a traumatic incident. Let’s find out what CBD is all about.

What is PTSD?

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a psychological disease that is brought on by a life-threatening, violent, or disturbing event. Not only are military personnel subject to the life-changing disorder, but also anyone who’s experienced sexual assault, domestic abuse, or natural disasters may be prone to PTSD. Generally, there are three manifestations that come with PTSD:

  • An effect on sleeping, an experienced height of arousal, and frequent mood swings.
  • Forced to relive the trauma via frequent flashbacks or nightmares.
  • Avoiding situations that could potentially have you relive the situation. Anything that could be associated with a disturbing, life-threatening, or violent event. Whether emotional or physical.

Furthermore, many individuals around the globe suffer from PTSD without being aware. It is often mistaken for stress or grief. Due to the trials that military personnel is forced to go through, it only appears natural that if cannabis is a viable treatment, that it should be an available option.

Can cannabis treat PTSD?

Using cannabis to cope with several conditions has been well documented over recent years. In particular, post-traumatic stress disorder. Military veterans were once seen as a problem to society for smoking cannabis, pretty much in the same light as alcoholics. Troubled by their past, a future of dependency, and unfortunately, left to cope alone, with little help from society. However, due to recent scientific studies and a steady shift of opinion towards cannabis, public opinion is changing.

Today, society understands that they are, in fact, helping the solution with medical cannabis. It is now seen as an excellent alternative to previous medical prescriptions that often worsened the experience due to the drug’s side effects. Many PTSD patients have often stated that pharmaceutical options had never eased their disorder.

Because of this, medical cannabis appears to be the best available option. This is due to its effectiveness in:

A reduction in anxiety and prevention of nightmares

As PTSD is often manifested through anxiety, it’s only natural that built-up angst, combined with a traumatic experience, may induce nightmares. Fortunately, CBD or cannabidiol can suppress feelings of anxiety and it may improve one’s mood. One of the ways in which cannabis can help prevent nightmares is because THC can lead to lower REM sleep, effectively stopping the nightmares.

Helping you get a good nights sleep

CBD is known to aid with sleep. It brings about a calming effect and effectively combats insomnia. Many satisfied CBD users have talked about their improved quality of sleep after using CBD products.

Final Word

Growing anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD is extremely effective in combating the symptoms of PTSD. However, you should always consult your physician for the right instructions on dosage before you try CBD products.

Are you a veteran using CBD? We would love to know more about your experience in the comments below.

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